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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011The True False-Negative Rates of EBUS and EUSTEDDE, Miguel L.; ARAUJO, Pedro Henrique X. Nabuco de; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli
2013Immunosuppression Effects on Airway Mucociliary Clearance: Comparison Between Two Triple TherapiesSILVA, Maristela Prado e; SOTO, Sonia F.; ALMEIDA, Francine M.; LIMONETE, Tatiana T. K.; PARRA, Edwin R. C.; JATENE, Fabio B.; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo M.; PAZETTI, Rogerio
2011Broncoscopic Closure of Tracheoesophageal FistulasTEDDE, Miguel L.; MINAMOTO, Helio; SCORDAMAGLIO, Paulo R.; RODRIGUES, Ascedio; MOURA, Eduardo G. H.; PEDRA, Carlos A. C.
2011Hemangioma of the RibABRAO, Fernando Conrado; TAMAGNO, Mauro; CANZIAN, Mauro; FERNANDEZ, Angelo; BIBAS, Jacques; FERNANDES, Paulo Manuel Pego; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli
2011The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Expert Consensus for the Surgical Treatment of HyperhidrosisCERFOLIO, Robert J.; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Milanez De; BRYANT, Ayesha S.; CONNERY, Cliff P.; MILLER, Daniel L.; DECAMP, Malcolm M.; MCKENNA, Robert J.; KRASNA, Mark J.
2013Expression of Acetylcholine and Its Receptor in Human Sympathetic Ganglia in Primary HyperhidrosisMOURA JUNIOR, Nabor B. de; DAS-NEVES-PEREIRA, Joao C.; OLIVEIRA, Flavio R. G. de; JATENE, Fabio B.; PARRA, Edwin R.; CAPELOZZI, Vera L.; WOLOSKER, Nelson; CAMPOS, Jose R. M. de
2013Decannulation in Tracheal Stenosis Deemed Inoperable Is Possible After Long-Term Airway StentingTERRA, Ricardo Mingarini; BIBAS, Benoit Jacques; MINAMOTO, Helio; WAISBERG, Daniel Reis; TAMAGNO, Mauro Federico Luis; TEDDE, Miguel Lia; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo Manuel; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli
2020Laryngeal Mask as the Primary Airway Device During Laryngotracheal Surgery: Data From 108 PatientsSCHWEIGER, Thomas; RODRIGUES, Isaac de Faria Soares; ROESNER, Imme; SCHNEIDER-STICKLER, Berit; EVERMANN, Matthias; DENK-LINNERT, Doris -Maria; HAGER, Helmut; KLEPETKO, Walter; HOETZENECKER, Konrad
2018Lung Transplantation in TuberculosisSAMANO, Marcos N.; FERNANDES, Lucas M.; CAMPOS, Silvia V.; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo M.
2016Surgical Management of Benign Acquired Tracheoesophageal Fistulas: A Ten-Year ExperienceBIBAS, Benoit Jacques; CARDOSO, Paulo Francisco Guerreiro; MINAMOTO, Helio; ELOY-PEREIRA, Leandro Picheth; TAMAGNO, Mauro Federico L.; TERRA, Ricardo Mingarini; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo Manoel