Comunicações em Eventos - FM/MNE

A coleção de Comunicações em Eventos compreende trabalhos completos ou resumos de conferências, comunicações orais ou pôsteres, apresentados em congressos, seminários, jornadas, simpósios ou outros tipos de eventos de caráter técnico-científico ou artístico-cultural, publicados em anais impressos ou em meios eletrônicos.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Is the Cerebellum a Good Target For Neuromodulation in Movement Disorders?FRANCA, C.; TEIXEIRA, M.; ANDRADE, D. de; GALHARDONI, R.; BARBOSA, V.; SILVA, V.; LEPSKI, G.; BARBOSA, E.; CURY, R.
2021Childhood Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Caused by Excess Sphingolipid SynthesisMOHASSEL, Payam; DONKERVOORT, Sandra; LONE, Museer A.; NALLS, Matthew A.; GABLE, Kenneth; GUPTA, Sita D.; FOLEY, A. Reghan; HU, Ying; SAUTE, Jonas Alex Morales; MOREIRA, Ana Lucila, et al
2020Inositol monophosphatase 1 (IMPA1) mutation in intellectual disability patients impairs neurogenesis but not gliogenesisFIGUEIREDO, T.; MENDES, A.; KOBAYASHI, G.; MOREIRA, D.; OLIVEIRA, D.; GOULART, E.; STERN, S.; KOK, F.; MARCHETTO, M.; SANTOS, R., et al
2020Understanding the link between glutamine metabolism and angiogenesis in astrocytomaFRANCO, Yollanda E.; SOARES, Roseli S.; LIMA, Marina T.; LERARIO, Antonio M.; SHINJO, Sueli M.; MARIE, Suely K.
2020Toll like receptor 4 as a potential DNA repair modulator in U87MG-GBM cellsMORETTI, Isabele F.; LERARIO, Antonio; OBA-SHINJO, Sueli M.; MARIE, Suely K.; LIMA, Marina Trombetta
2021Markers of inflammation and neurodegeneration in bipolar disorder older adultsNASCIMENTO, Camila; NUNES, Paula; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; RODRIGUEZ, Roberta D.; LEITE, Renata E. P.; GRINBERG, Lea; PASQUALUCCI, Carlos Augusto; JACOB-FILHO, Wilson; NITRINI, Ricardo; BRENTANI, Helena Paula, et al
2018Increased Transactive Response DNA-Binding Protein (TDP-43) Levels in Bipolar Disorder: A Postmortem StudyNASCIMENTO, Camila; NUNES, Paula Villela; KIM, Helena K.; OLIVEIRA, Katia C.; LEITE, Renata P.; FERRETTI-REBUSTINI, Renata E.; GRINBERG, Lea T.; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; PASQUALUCCI, Carlos A.; NITRINI, Ricardo, et al
2020Prospective Randomized Study Comparing Clinical, Functional, Aesthetic and Quality of Life Results of Trans-Eyelid and Minipterional Approaches for Treatment of Unruptered Brain AneurysmsMANDEL, Mauricio; TUTIHASHI, Rafael; FIGUEIREDO, Eberval G.; ROSSI, Jefferson; TEIXEIRA, Manoel J.
2020FIREFISH Parts 1 and 2: 12-month pooled safety and efficacy outcomes of risdiplam (RG7916) in infants with Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)SERVAIS, L.; BLOESPFLUG-TANGUY, O.; DARRAS, B.; DAY, J.; DECONINCK, N.; KLEIN, A.; MASSON, R.; MAZURKIEWICZ-BELDZINSKA, M.; MERCURI, E.; ROSE, K., et al
2020FIREFISH Part 2: Efficacy and safety of risdiplam (RG7916) in infants with Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)BARANELLO, Giovanni; SERVAIS, Laurent; MASSON, Riccardo; MAZURKIEWICZ-BELDZINSKA, Maria; ROSE, Kristy; VLODAVETS, Dmitry; XIONG, Hui; ZANOTELI, Edmar; EL-KHAIRI, Muna; FUERST-RECKTENWALD, Sabine, et al
2020RAINBOWFISH: A study of risdiplam (RG7916) in infants with presymptomatic spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)SERVAIS, L.; BERTINI, E.; AL-MUHAIZEA, M.; NELSON, L.; PRUFER, A.; VLODAVETS, D.; WANG, Y.; ZANOTELI, E.; BURKE, L.; EL-KHAIRI, M., et al
2020RNA-SEQ and Microarray Analysis Reveal the Interplay between Hub Genes and Developmental Pathways in MedulloblastomaSILVA, A. Martins Da; BARONI, M.; SALOMAO, K.; CHAGAS, P. Ferreira Das; BONFIM-SILVA, R.; GERON, L.; CRUZEIRO, G. Veiga; SILVA JR., W. Da; QUEIROZ, R.; MARIE, S., et al
2020DNMT1A, DNMT3A, DNMT3B, and HDAC4 are Overexpressed in Childhood Supratentorial EpendymomaSOUSA, G. De; SALOMAO, K.; MAGALHAES, T.; SILVA, K. Da; MARIE, S.; BRANDELISE, S.; QUEIROZ, R.; SCRIDELI, C.; VALERA, E.; TONE, L.
2017Association of Hippocampal CA3 Transcriptional Modules with Language Impairment in Mesial Temporal Lobe EpilepsyMANSANO-OLIVEIRA, Joao; BANDO, Silvia; BERTONHA, Fernanda; CASTRO, Bettina; MESSAS, Cristiane; WEN, Hung-Tzu; MOREIRA-FILHO, Carlos; CASTRO, Luiz
2019Safety and Costs Analysis of a Fast-track Algorithm for Early Hospital Discharge After Brain Tumor SurgeryQUADROS, Danilo Gomes; NEVILLE, Iuri S.; URENA, Francisco M.; SOLLA, Davi J. Fontoura; PAIVA, Wellingson S.; TEIXEIRA, Manoel
2017Clinical and genetic characterisation of adult onset leukoencephalopathyLYNCH, David; PAIVA, Anderson Rodrigues Brandao de; ZHANG, Wei Jia; LAKSHMANAN, Rahul; DAVAGNANAM, Indran; FOX, Nick; MURPHY, Elaine; KOK, Fernando; CHATAWAY, Jeremy; HOULDEN, Henry
2020Clinicogenetic Lessons from 370 Patients with Autosomal Recessive Limb-Girdle Muscular DystrophyWINCKLER, Pablo Brea; SILVA, Andre M. S. da; COIMBRA-NETO, Antonio R.; CARVALHO, Elmano; CHWAL, Bruna Cristine; CAVALCANTI, Eduardo B. U.; SOBREIRA, Claudia F. R.; MARRONE, Carlo D.; MACHADO-COSTA, Macela Marcela C.; CARVALHO, Alzira Alzira A. S., et al
2020Effects of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation of the cerebellum on cerebellar ataxias: A randomized, double-blind, cross-over clinical trialFRANCA, C.; ANDRADE, D. de; SILVA, V.; GALHARDONI, R.; BARBOSA, E.; TEIXEIRA, M.; CURY, R.
2020FIREFISH Part 2: Efficacy and safety of risdiplam (RG7916) in infants with Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)SERVAIS, L.; BARANELLO, G.; MASSON, R.; MAZURKIEWICZ-BELDZINSKA, M.; ROSE, K.; VLODAVETS, D.; XIONG, H.; ZANOTELI, E.; EL-KHAIRI, M.; FUERST-RECKTENWALD, S., et al
2020Association of TTPA mutation and peripheral nerve involvement in Gait disturbances in Ataxia With Vitamin E Deficiency (AVED)SANTOS, D. dos; OLIVEIRA, C. de; KOK, F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 286