Departamento de Obstetrícia e Ginecologia - FM/MOG

O Departamento de Obstetrícia e Ginecologia da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP) desenvolve pesquisas e dedica-se à formação de profissionais da área gineco-obstétrica. Conta com comissões específicas que cuidam da avaliação de projetos, fomento, aspectos bioéticos e éticos em suas execuções e acompanhamentos. Tais atividades são exercidas no âmbito interno da Clínica e também das Instituições maiores (Faculdade e Hospital).

Além disso, a Disciplina de Ginecologia mantém um dos Laboratórios de Investigação Médica (LIM-59), que reúne um potencial bastante grande e seleto de recursos bio-tecnológicos e material humano consorciados; bem como sua utilização compartilhada, alavancando pesquisas que apresentariam dificuldade muito grande na sua execução isolada.

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Recent Submissions

  1. Sorting pain out of salience: assessment of pain facial expressions in the human fetus

    PAIN REPORTS, v.6, n.1, article ID e882, 9p, 2021

    Introduction:The question of whether the human fetus experiences pain has received substantial attention in recent times. With the advent of high-definition 4-dimensional ultrasound (4D-US), it is possible to record fetal body and facial expressions.Objective:To determine whether human fetuses de...

  2. The influence of essential fatty acids on the female health

    REVISTA DA ASSOCIACAO MEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.67, n.9, p.1209-1212, 2021

  3. Maternal autonomy and the rights of the unborn child: a necessary discussion

    REVISTA DA ASSOCIACAO MEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.67, n.9, p.1338-1341, 2021

    OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to compare the opinion of freshmen and fifth-year students of the University of Sao Paulo School of Law in relation to the respect for maternal autonomy and knowledge of the existence and the need to protect the unborn child. METHODS: Information was obtained from a qu...

  4. Open fetal myelomeningocele repair at a university hospital: surgery and pregnancy outcomes

    ARCHIVES OF GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS, v.304, n.6, p.1443-1454, 2021

    Purpose Myelomeningocele (MMC) is an open neural tube defect that causes great morbidity. Prenatal open repair is the standard treatment; however, there are many complications related to the procedure. This study reports preliminary findings of open in utero repair of MMC in a public tertiary hos...

  5. Endometriosis and its correlation with carcinoid tumor of the appendix: a systematic review

    MINERVA OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY, v.73, n.5, p.606-613, 2021

    INTRODUCTION: The prevalence of appendiceal endometriosis ranges from 0.4% to 22%. The carcinoid tumor is the most common neoplasm of the appendix, with incidence ranging from 0.3% to 0.9%. Appendix lesions develop in up to 22% of women with deep infiltrative endometriosis. Even though these are ...

  6. Prevalence of sexual abuse and its association with health-risk behaviors among Brazilian adolescents: A populational study

    CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT, v.122, article ID 105347, 9p, 2021

    Background: Analysis of sexual abuse has usually been neglected in research at developing countries despite its everlasting consequences. This study examined the prevalence of sexual abuse among Brazilian adolescents according to data from the National School Health Survey (PeNSE) and analyzed it...

  7. Delivering embryos following 10 years of cryopreservation, using unpaired freeze/thaw techniques: A case report


    Although frozen embryo transfer is a widely established route for assisted reproduction, successful frozen embryo transfer using embryos that have undergone long term cryopreservation remains relatively unexplored, and its efficacy remains a matter of some debate. This case report describes two s...

  8. Hereditary determinants of gynecological cancer and recommendations Number 8-August 2021


  9. Autonomic cardiac modulation in postmenopausal women with dry eye syndrome: a cross-sectional analytical study

    REVISTA DA ASSOCIACAO MEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.67, n.8, p.1143-1149, 2021

    OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to assess cardiac autonomic modulation in postmenopausal women with and without dry eye syndrome (DES) and to identify associations between clinical and socioeconomic factors. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was carried out at the Institute of Ocular Surgery ...

  10. Systematic review of finasteride effect in women with hirsutism

    REVISTA DA ASSOCIACAO MEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.67, n.7, p.1043-1049, 2021