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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Absence of RKIP expression is an independent prognostic biomarker for gastric cancer patientsMARTINHO, Olga; SIMOES, Kleber; LONGATTO-FILHO, Adhemar; JACOB, Carlos Eduardo; ZILBERSTEIN, Bruno; BRESCIANI, Claudio; GAMA-RODRIGUES, Joaquim; CECCONELLO, Ivan; ALVES, Venancio; REIS, Rui Manuel
2013Diagnosis and Impact of Hilar Lymph Node Micrometastases on the Outcome of Resected Colorectal Liver MetastasisLUPINACCI, Renato M.; HERMAN, Paulo; COELHO, Fabricio C.; VIANA, Eduardo F.; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2013Epithelial Cell Turnover Is Increased in the Excluded Stomach Mucosa After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass for Morbid ObesitySAFATLE-RIBEIRO, Adriana V.; PETERSEN, Pedro A.; PEREIRA FILHO, Dilson S.; CORBETT, Carlos E. P.; FAINTUCH, Joel; ISHIDA, Robson; SAKAI, Paulo; CECCONELLO, Ivan; RIBEIRO JR., Ulysses
2013Primary malignant melanoma of the esophagus: a rare and aggressive diseaseMORITA, Flavio Hiroshi Ananias; RIBEIRO JR., Ulysses; SALLUM, Rubens Antonio Aissar; TACCONI, Marcos Roberto; TAKEDA, Flvio Roberto; ROCHA, Julio Rafael Mariano da; LIGABO, Giovanna de Sanctis Callegari; MELO, Evandro Sobrosa de; POLLARA, Wilson Modesto; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2015Desmoid tumors: clinical features and outcome of an unpredictable and challenging manifestation of familial adenomatous polyposisCAMPOS, Fabio Guilherme; MARTINEZ, Carlos Augusto Real; NOVAES, Marleny; NAHAS, Sergio Carlos; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2016Androgen and Estrogen Shifts in Men Before and After Bariatric Surgery and Links to Vitamins and Trace ElementsROSENBLATT, Alberto; FAINTUCH, Joel; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2021Prognostic value of F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/computed tomography metabolic parameters measured in the primary tumor and suspicious lymph nodes before neoadjuvant therapy in patients with esophageal carcinomaTUSTUMI, Francisco; DUARTE, Paulo Schiavom; ALBENDA, David Gutierrez; TAKEDA, Flavio Roberto; SALLUM, Rubens Antonio Aissar; RIBEIRO JUNIOR, Ulysses; BUCHPIGUEL, Carlos Alberto; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2017Integrated care pathway for rectal cancer treatment: health care resource utilization, costs, and outcomesKOBAYASHI, Silvia T.; DIZ, Maria D. P. E.; CAMPOLINA, Alessandro G.; SOAREZ, Patricia C. De; RIBEIRO JR., Ulysses; NAHAS, Sergio C.; VASCONCELOS, Karina G. M. C.; CAPARELI, Fernanda; CECCONELLO, Ivan; HOFF, Paulo M.
2019Esophagojejunal anastomotic fistula: a major issue after radical total gastrectomyBARCHI, Leandro Cardoso; RAMOS, Marcus Fernando Kodama Pertille; PEREIRA, Marina Alessandra; DIAS, Andre Roncon; RIBEIRO-JUNIOR, Ulysses; ZILBERSTEIN, Bruno; CECCONELLO, Ivan
2018Pathologic complete response implies a fewer number of lymph nodes in specimen of rectal cancer patients treated by neoadjuvant therapy and total mesorectal excisionBUSTAMANTE-LOPEZ, Leonardo Alfonso; NAHAS, Caio Sergio Rizkallah; NAHAS, Sergio Carlos; MARQUES, Carlos Frederico Sparapan; PINTO, Rodrigo Ambar; COTTI, Guilherme Cutait; IMPERIALE, Antonio Rocco; MELLO, Evandro Sobroza de; RIBEIRO JUNIOR, Ulysses; CECCONELLO, Ivan