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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Design and baseline characteristics of a coronary heart disease prospective cohort: two-year experience from the strategy of registry of acute coronary syndrome study (ERICO study)GOULART, Alessandra C.; SANTOS, Itamar S.; SITNIK, Debora; STANIAK, Henrique L.; FEDELI, Ligia M.; PASTORE, Carlos Alberto; SAMESIMA, Nelson; BITTENCOURT, Marcio S.; PEREIRA, Alexandre C.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.
2013Modulatory effect of BclI GR gene polymorphisms on the obesity phenotype in Brazilian patients with Cushing's diseaseMOREIRA, Ricardo P. P.; BACHEGA, Tania A. S. S.; MACHADO, Marcio C.; MENDONCA, Berenice B.; BRONSTEIN, Marcello D.; FRAGOSO, Maria Candida B. Villares
2013Is hepatic venous pressure gradient assessment required before liver resection in patients with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma?SILVA, Mauricio F.; STRASSER, Simone I.; CARRILHO, Flair J.
2013Effects of different types of auditory temporal training on language skills: a systematic reviewMURPHY, Cristina Ferraz Borges; SCHOCHAT, Eliane
2013Prevalence of dementia subtypes in a developing country: a clinicopathological studyGRINBERG, Lea T.; NITRINI, Ricardo; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; FERRETTI-REBUSTINI, Renata Eloah de Lucena; LEITE, Renata E. P.; FARFEL, Jose Marcelo; SANTOS, Erika; ANDRADE, Mara Patricia Guilhermino de; ALHO, Ana Tereza Di Lorenzo; LIMA, Maria do Carmo; OLIVEIRA, Katia C.; TAMPELLINI, Edilaine; POLICHISO, Livia; SANTOS, Glaucia B.; RODRIGUEZ, Roberta Diehl; UEDA, Kenji; PASQUALUCCI, Carlos A.; JACOB-FILHO, Wilson
2013Association of child maltreatment and psychiatric diagnosis in Brazilian children and adolescentsSCOMPARINI, Luciana Burim; SANTOS, Bernardo dos; ROSENHECK, Robert Alan; SCIVOLETTO, Sandra
2013Parental smoking patterns and their association with wheezing in childrenSCHVARTSMAN, Claudio; FARHAT, Sylvia Costa Lima; SCHVARTSMAN, Samuel; SALDIVA, Paulo Hilario Nascimento
2013A differential diagnosis of inherited endocrine tumors and their tumor counterpartsTOLEDO, Sergio P. A.; LOURENCO JR., Delmar M.; TOLEDO, Rodrigo A.
2013Basal cytokeratin as a potential marker of low risk of invasion in ductal carcinoma in situAGUIAR, Fernando N.; MENDES, Henrique N.; CIRQUEIRA, Cinthya S.; BACCHI, Carlos E.; CARVALHO, Filomena M.
2013Study of the incidence of dialysis in Sao Paulo, the largest Brazilian cityCORDEIRO, Antonio Carlos; CARRERO, Juan Jesus; QURESHI, Abdul Rashid; CUNHA, Ricardo Ferreira da; LINDHOLM, Bengt; CASTRO, Isac de; NORONHA, Irene Lourdes