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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017What Is the Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Erectile Function? A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisGLINA, F. P. A.; BARBOZA, J. W. de Freitas; NUNES, V. M.; GLINA, S.; BERNARDO, W. M.
2019Prescribing high-intensity interval exercise by RPE in individuals with type 2 diabetes: metabolic and hemodynamic responsesVIANA, Ariane Aparecida; FERNANDES, Bianca; ALVAREZ, Cristian; GUIMARAES, Guilherme Veiga; CIOLAC, Emmanuel Gomes
2017Inferior Survival Rates After Chemoradiation for Rectal Cancer Without SurgeryHABR-GAMA, Angelita; JULIAO, Guilherme Pagin Sao; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
2018Quality of Life in Patients With Rectal Cancer After Chemoradiation: Watch-and-Wait Policy Versus Standard Resection-Are We Comparing Apples to Oranges?VAILATI, Bruna Borba; HABR-GAMA, Angelita; MATTACHEO, Adrian E.; JULIAO, Guilherme Pagin Sao; PEREZ, Rodrigo Oliva
2019Can we stratify the risk for insulin need in women diagnosed early with gestational diabetes by fasting blood glucose?SOUZA, Ana C. R. L. A.; COSTA, Rafaela A.; PAGANOTI, Cristiane F.; RODRIGUES, Agatha S.; ZUGAIB, Marcelo; HADAR, Eran; HOD, Moshe; FRANCISCO, Rossana P. V.
2013Antiangiogehic Drugs for Colorectal Cancer: Exploring New PossibilitiesFERRAROTTO, Renata; HOFF, Paulo M.
2013Lipid raft disruption by docosahexaenoic acid induces apoptosis in transformed human mammary luminal epithelial cells harboring HER-2 overexpressionRAVACCI, Graziela Rosa; BRENTANI, Maria Mitzi; TORTELLI JR., Tharcisio; TORRINHAS, Raquel Suzana M. M.; SALDANHA, Tatiana; TORRES, Elizabeth Aparecida F. S.; WAITZBERG, Dan Linetzky
2013Prostate apoptosis response-4 is involved in the apoptosis response to docetaxel in MCF-7 breast cancer cellsPEREIRA, Michelly C.; BESSA-GARCIA, Simone A. De; BURIKHANOV, Ravshan; PAVANELLI, Ana Carolina; ANTUNES, Lourival; RANGNEKAR, Vivek M.; NAGAI, Maria A.
2013Self-Reported Conflicts of Interest of Authors, Trial Sponsorship, and the Interpretation of Editorials and Related Phase III Trials in OncologyBARIANI, Giovanni M.; FERRARI, Anezka C. R. de Celis; HOFF, Paulo M.; KRZYZANOWSKA, Monika K.; RIECHELMANN, Rachel P.
2013Case Report: Leprosy and Tuberculosis Co-Infection: Clinical and Immunological Report of Two Cases and Review of the LiteratureTRINDADE, Maria Angela B.; MIYAMOTO, Denise; BENARD, Gil; SAKAI-VALENTE, Neusa Y.; VASCONCELOS, Dewton de M.; NAAFS, Bernard