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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021CONSTRUCTION AND VALIDATION OF THE NEONATAL NUTRITIONAL RISK SCREENING TOOLSILVINO, Rayssa Caroline de Almeida Silva; TRIDA, Vanessa Camargo; CASTRO, Amparito Del Rocío Vintimilla; NERI, Lenycia de Cassya Lopes
2021Introducing a Suite of Low-Burden Diet Quality Indicators That Reflect Healthy Diet Patterns at Population LevelHERFORTH, Anna W.; WIESMANN, Doris; MARTINEZ-STEELE, Euridice; ANDRADE, Giovanna; MONTEIRO, Carlos A.
2021Breastfeeding, Physical Growth, and Cognitive DevelopmentWALLENBORN, Jordyn T.; LEVINE, Gillian A.; SANTOS, Angelica Carreira dos; GRISI, Sandra; BRENTANI, Alexandra; FINK, Gunther
2021Factors associated with health-related quality of life in patients with cirrhosis: a systematic reviewRABIEE, Anahita; XIMENES, Rafael O.; NIKAYIN, Sina; HICKNER, Andy; JUTHANI, Prerak; ROSEN, Robert H.; GARCIA-TSAO, Guadalupe
2021Integrating youth mental health into cash transfer programmes in response to the COVID-19 crisis in low-income and middle-income countriesBAUER, Annette; GARMAN, Emily; MCDAID, David; AVENDANO, Mauricio; HESSEL, Philipp; DIAZ, Yadira; ARAYA, Ricardo; LUND, Crick; MALVASI, Paulo; MATIJASEVICH, Alicia; PARK, A-La; PAULA, Cristiane Silvestre; ZIEBOLD, Carolina; ZIMMERMAN, Annie; EVANS-LACKO, Sara
2021Adherence to nutritional interventions in head and neck cancer patients: a systematic scoping review of the literatureFARIA, S. de Oliveira; MORAVIA, R. Alvim; HOWELL, D.; ELUF NETO, J.
2021Food insecurity, food waste, food behaviours and cooking confidence of UK citizens at the start of the COVID-19 lockdownARMSTRONG, Beth; REYNOLDS, Christian; MARTINS, Carla Adriano; FRANKOWSKA, Angelina; LEVY, Renata Bertazzi; RAUBER, Fernanda; OSEI-KWASI, Hibbah A.; VEGA, Marcelo; CEDIEL, Gustavo; SCHMIDT, Ximena; KLUCZKOVSKI, Alana; AKPARIBO, Robert; AUMA, Carolyn L.; DEFEYTER, Margaret Anne A.; SILVA, Jacqueline Tereza da; BRIDGE, Gemma
2021ESPEN practical guideline: Clinical nutrition in surgeryWEIMANN, Arved; BRAGA, Marco; CARLI, Franco; HIGASHIGUCHI, Takashi; HUBNER, Martin; KLEK, Stanislaw; LAVIANO, Alessandro; LJUNGQVIST, Olle; LOBO, Dileep N.; MARTINDALE, Robert; WAITZBERG, Dan L.; BISCHOFF, Stephan C.; SINGER, Pierre
2021Nutritional Status and Adverse Outcomes in Older Depressed Inpatients: A Prospective StudyLOBATO, Z. M.; SILVA, A. C. Almeida da; RIBEIRO, S. M. Lima; BIELLA, M. M.; SIQUEIRA, A. Santos Silva; ALVES, T. Correa de Toledo Ferraz; MACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; BORGES, M. K.; VOSHAAR, R. C. Oude; APRAHAMIAN, Ivan
2021The Impact of COVID-19 on Urban Agriculture in Sao Paulo, BrazilBIAZOTI, Andre Ruoppolo; NAKAMURA, Angelica Campos; NAGIB, Gustavo; LEAO, Vitoria Oliveira Pereira de Souza; GIACCHE, Giulia; MAUAD, Thais