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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Nutritional Assessment and Body Composition in Critically Ill Children as Prognostic IndicatorsZAMBERLAN, P.; CARVALHO, W.B. de; DELGADO, A.F.
2017Phase angle obtained by bioelectrical impedance analysis independently predicts mortality in patients with cirrhosisBELARMINO, Giliane; GONZALEZ, Maria Cristina; TORRINHAS, Raquel S.; SALA, Priscila; ANDRAUS, Wellington; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria R.; CAPARBO, Valeria F.; RAVACCI, Graziela R.; DAMIANI, Lucas; HEYMSFIELD, Steven B.; WAITZBERG, Dan L.
2017Malnutrition in Hospitalized Older Patients: Management Strategies to Improve Patient Care and Clinical OutcomesAVELINO-SILVA, Thiago J.; JALUUL, Omar
2018Effect of correcting for gestational age at birth on population prevalence of early childhood undernutritionPERUMAL, Nandita; ROTH, Daniel E.; PERDRIZET, Johnna; BARROS, Aluisio J. D.; SANTOS, Ina S.; MATIJASEVICH, Alicia; BASSANI, Diego G.
2020Impacts of home cooking methods and appliances on the GHG emissions of foodFRANKOWSKA, Angelina; RIVERA, Ximena Schmidt; BRIDLE, Sarah; KLUCZKOVSKI, Alana Marielle Rodrigues Galdino; SILVA, Jacqueline Tereza da; MARTINS, Carla Adriano; RAUBER, Fernanda; LEVY, Renata Bertazzi; COOK, Joanne; REYNOLDS, Christian
2021Introducing a Suite of Low-Burden Diet Quality Indicators That Reflect Healthy Diet Patterns at Population LevelHERFORTH, Anna W.; WIESMANN, Doris; MARTINEZ-STEELE, Euridice; ANDRADE, Giovanna; MONTEIRO, Carlos A.
2021Food insecurity, food waste, food behaviours and cooking confidence of UK citizens at the start of the COVID-19 lockdownARMSTRONG, Beth; REYNOLDS, Christian; MARTINS, Carla Adriano; FRANKOWSKA, Angelina; LEVY, Renata Bertazzi; RAUBER, Fernanda; OSEI-KWASI, Hibbah A.; VEGA, Marcelo; CEDIEL, Gustavo; SCHMIDT, Ximena; KLUCZKOVSKI, Alana; AKPARIBO, Robert; AUMA, Carolyn L.; DEFEYTER, Margaret Anne A.; SILVA, Jacqueline Tereza da; BRIDGE, Gemma
2021The Impact of COVID-19 on Urban Agriculture in Sao Paulo, BrazilBIAZOTI, Andre Ruoppolo; NAKAMURA, Angelica Campos; NAGIB, Gustavo; LEAO, Vitoria Oliveira Pereira de Souza; GIACCHE, Giulia; MAUAD, Thais
2021Building knowledge in urban agriculture: the challenges of local food production in Sao Paulo and MelbourneAMATO-LOURENCO, Luis Fernando; BURALLI, Rafael Junqueira; RANIERI, Guilherme Reis; HEARN, Adrian H.; WILLIAMS, Chris; MAUAD, Thais
2021Nutritional status at diagnosis among children with cancer referred to a nutritional service in BrazilVIANI, Karina; BARR, Ronald D.; FILHO, Vicente Odone; LADAS, Elena J.