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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Interplay between Inflammaging, Frailty and Nutrition in Covid-19: Preventive and Adjuvant Treatment PerspectivesLIMA, A. Padilha de; ROGERO, M. Macedo; VIEL, T. Araujo; GARAY-MALPARTIDA, H. M.; APRAHAMIAN, I; RIBEIRO, S. M. Lima
2022Prognostic Nutritional Index and Oxygen Therapy Requirement Associated With Longer Hospital Length of Stay in Patients With Moderate to Severe COVID-19: Multicenter Prospective Cohort AnalysesFERNANDES, Alan L.; REIS, Bruna Z.; MURAI, Igor H.; PEREIRA, Rosa M. R.
2022Increased nutrition risk at admission is associated with longer hospitalization in children and adolescents with COVID-19ZAMBERLAN, Patricia; CARLOTTI, Ana Paula de Carvalho Panzeri; VIANI, Karina Helena Canton; RODRIGUEZ, Isadora Souza; SIMAS, Josiane de Carvalho; SILVERIO, Ariadne Beatriz; VOLPON, Leila Costa; CARVALHO, Werther Brunow de; DELGADO, Artur Figueiredo
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