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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessment of nutritional status in children with cancer: A narrative reviewVIANI, Karina; TREHAN, Amita; MANZOLI, Bianca; SCHOEMAN, Judy
2019Nutritional Assessment and Body Composition in Critically Ill Children as Prognostic IndicatorsZAMBERLAN, P.; CARVALHO, W.B. de; DELGADO, A.F.
2019Current technologies in body composition assessment: advantages and disadvantagesCENICCOLA, Guilherme Duprat; CASTRO, Melina Gouveia; PIOVACARI, Silvia Maria Fraga; HORIE, Lilian Mika; CORREA, Fabiano Girade; BARRERE, Ana Paula Noronha; TOLEDO, Diogo Oliveira
2020Scientific literature on food and nutrition security in primary health care: A scoping reviewBOTELHO, Fernanda Cangussu; FRANCA JUNIOR, Ivan; GUERRA, Lucia Dias da Silva; RODRIGUES, Samara Ferrari; TONACIO, Larissa Vicente
2017Hospital malnutrition in Latin America: A systematic reviewCORREIA, Maria Isabel T. D.; PERMAN, Mario Ignacio; WAITZBERG, Dan Linetzky
2017Hospital and homecare malnutrition and nutritional therapy in Brazil. Strategies for alleviating it: a position paperWAITZBERG, Dan L.; AGUILAR-NASCIMENTO, Jose Eduardo de; DIAS, Maria Carolina Goncalves; PINHO, Nivaldo; MOURA, Robson; CORREIA, Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson
2017Malnutrition in Hospitalized Older Patients: Management Strategies to Improve Patient Care and Clinical OutcomesAVELINO-SILVA, Thiago J.; JALUUL, Omar
2020Global Leadership Initiative on Malnutrition (GLIM): Guidance on Validation of the Operational Criteria for the Diagnosis of Protein-Energy Malnutrition in AdultsKELLER, Heather; SCHUEREN, Marian A. E. de van der; JENSEN, Gordon L.; BARAZZONI, Rocco; COMPHER, Charlene; CORREIA, M. Isabel T. D.; GONZALEZ, M. Cristina; JAGER-WITTENAAR, Harriet; PIRLICH, Matthias; STEIBER, Alison; WAITZBERG, Dan; CEDERHOLM, Tommy
2015Is the skeleton still in the hospital closet? A review of hospital malnutrition emphasizing health economic aspectsSOUZA, Telma T.; STURION, Claudio J.; FAINTUCH, Joel
2021Factors associated with health-related quality of life in patients with cirrhosis: a systematic reviewRABIEE, Anahita; XIMENES, Rafael O.; NIKAYIN, Sina; HICKNER, Andy; JUTHANI, Prerak; ROSEN, Robert H.; GARCIA-TSAO, Guadalupe