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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Phase angle obtained by bioelectrical impedance analysis independently predicts mortality in patients with cirrhosisBELARMINO, Giliane; GONZALEZ, Maria Cristina; TORRINHAS, Raquel S.; SALA, Priscila; ANDRAUS, Wellington; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria R.; CAPARBO, Valeria F.; RAVACCI, Graziela R.; DAMIANI, Lucas; HEYMSFIELD, Steven B.; WAITZBERG, Dan L.
2017Hospital and homecare malnutrition and nutritional therapy in Brazil. Strategies for alleviating it: a position paperWAITZBERG, Dan L.; AGUILAR-NASCIMENTO, Jose Eduardo de; DIAS, Maria Carolina Goncalves; PINHO, Nivaldo; MOURA, Robson; CORREIA, Maria Isabel Toulson Davisson
2017ESPEN guideline: Clinical nutrition in surgeryWEIMANN, Arved; BRAGA, Marco; CARLI, Franco; HIGASHIGUCHI, Takashi; HUEBNER, Martin; KLEK, Stanislaw; LAVIANO, Alessandro; LJUNGQVIST, Olle; LOBO, Dileep N.; MARTINDALE, Robert; WAITZBERG, Dan L.; BISCHOFF, Stephan C.; SINGER, Pierre
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