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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Malnutrition May Worsen the Prognosis of Critically Ill Children With Hyperglycemia and HypoglycemiaLEITE, Heitor Pons; LIMA, Lucio Flavio Peixoto de; IGLESIAS, Simone Brasil de Oliveira; PACHECO, Juliana Cristina; CARVALHO, Werther Brunow de
2021Introducing a Suite of Low-Burden Diet Quality Indicators That Reflect Healthy Diet Patterns at Population LevelHERFORTH, Anna W.; WIESMANN, Doris; MARTINEZ-STEELE, Euridice; ANDRADE, Giovanna; MONTEIRO, Carlos A.
2015Is the skeleton still in the hospital closet? A review of hospital malnutrition emphasizing health economic aspectsSOUZA, Telma T.; STURION, Claudio J.; FAINTUCH, Joel
2014Dietary sources of fiber intake in BrazilSARDINHA, Aline Nascimento; CANELLA, Daniela Silva; MARTINS, Ana Paula Bortoletto; CLARO, Rafael Moreira; LEVY, Renata Bertazzi
2020Validation and improvement of the predictive equation for resting energy expenditure in advanced gastrointestinal cancerOZORIO, Gislaine Aparecida; SOUZA, Micheline Tereza Pires de; SINGER, Pierre; LOPEZ, Rossana Veronica Mendoza; ALVES-ALMEIDA, Maria Manuela Ferreira; RIBEIRO-JUNIOR, Ulysses; WAITZBERG, Dan Linetzky
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