ODS/02 - Fome zero e agricultura sustentável

Objetivo: Acabar com a fome, alcançar a segurança alimentar e melhoria da nutrição e promover a agricultura sustentável.


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  1. Immigrants, refugees and cannabis use

    INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF PSYCHIATRY, v.34, n.1, Special Issue, p.59-77, 2022

    Immigration typically occurs from low- to high-income countries and regions. Unfortunately, these wealthier areas also have higher rates of cannabis use (e.g. European Union and the US). This systematic review aimed to summarize available studies on cannabis use among immigrants, refugees, and as...

  2. Increased nutrition risk at admission is associated with longer hospitalization in children and adolescents with COVID-19

    NUTRITION IN CLINICAL PRACTICE, v.37, n.2, p.393-401, 2022

    Background We investigated the association of nutritional risk and inflammatory marker level with length of stay (LOS) in children and adolescents hospitalized for COVID-19 infection in two pediatric teaching hospitals in a developing country. Methods This was a cross-sectional analytical retrosp...

  3. Ancestral diversity improves discovery and fine-mapping of genetic loci for anthropometric traits-The Hispanic/Latino Anthropometry Consortium

    HUMAN GENETICS AND GENOMICS ADVANCES, v.3, n.2, article ID 100099, 21p, 2022

    Hispanic/Latinos have been underrepresented in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for anthropometric traits despite their notable anthropometric variability, ancestry proportions, and high burden of growth stunting and overweight/obesity. To address this knowledge gap, we analyzed densely imp...

  4. Prognostic Nutritional Index and Oxygen Therapy Requirement Associated With Longer Hospital Length of Stay in Patients With Moderate to Severe COVID-19: Multicenter Prospective Cohort Analyses

    FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION, v.9, article ID 802562, 9p, 2022

    PurposeTo evaluate whether the prognostic nutritional index (PNI) is related to the oxygen therapy requirement at hospital admission and to ascertain the prognostic effect of the PNI and the oxygen therapy requirement as predictors of hospital length of stay in patients with moderate to severe co...

  5. Accuracy of isolated nutrition indicators in diagnosing malnutrition and their prognostic value to predict death in patients with gastric and colorectal cancer: A prospective study


    Background The study aims to evaluate the accuracy of isolated nutrition indicators in diagnosing malnutrition in patients with gastric and colorectal cancer and their association with mortality. Methods Prospective cohort study involving patients with cancer (n = 178) attending a reference cente...

  6. Children are in need of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

    CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT, v.123, article ID 105421, 2p, 2022

    Almost 60% of Afghans forced to flee their homes in 2021 because of the Taliban advance are children. They are starving. It is estimated that approximately one million will suffer from severe, life-threatening malnutrition by the end of 2021. Many have been separated from their families by the ch...

  7. Interplay between Inflammaging, Frailty and Nutrition in Covid-19: Preventive and Adjuvant Treatment Perspectives

    JOURNAL OF NUTRITION HEALTH & AGING, v.26, n.1, p.67-76, 2022

    As humans age, their immune system undergoes modifications, including a low-grade inflammatory status called inflammaging. These changes are associated with a loss of physical and immune resilience, amplifying the risk of being malnourished and frail. Under the COVID-19 scenario, inflammaging inc...

  8. Adherence to the Planetary Health Diet Index and Obesity Indicators in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)

    NUTRIENTS, v.13, n.11, article ID 3691, 12p, 2021

    The EAT-Lancet Commission has proposed a model diet to improve the health of human beings and that of the planet. Recently, we proposed the Planetary Health Diet Index (PHDI) to assess adherence of the population to this model diet. In this study, we aimed to evaluate adherence to the PHDI and ob...

  9. Food insecurity, food waste, food behaviours and cooking confidence of UK citizens at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown

    BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL, v.123, n.9, Special Issue, p.2959-2978, 2021

    Purpose The current pilot study explored food insecurity, food waste, food related behaviours and cooking confidence of UK consumers following the COVID-19 lockdown. Design/methodology/approach Data were collected from 473 UK-based consumers (63% female) in March 2020. A cross-sectional online su...

  10. Nutritional status at diagnosis among children with cancer referred to a nutritional service in Brazil

    HEMATOLOGY TRANSFUSION AND CELL THERAPY, v.43, n.4, p.389-395, 2021

    Introduction: Children and adolescents with cancer are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition and require special attention on nutritional assessment. An adequate nutritional status during treatment is essential in reducing morbidity and mortality, being a modifiable risk factor for clinical out...