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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Carbonic Anhydrase IX is Not a Predictor of Outcomes in Non-Metastatic Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma - A Digital Analysis of Tissue MicroarrayZERATI, Marcelo; LEITE, Katia R. M.; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; SEGRE, Cesar Camara; REIS, Sabrina Thalita; SROUGI, Miguel; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco
2013Correlation between Beta1 integrin expression and prognosis in clinically localized prostate cancerPONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; REIS, Sabrina Thalita; BERNARDES, Felipe S.; OLIVEIRA, Luiz C. N.; BARROS, Erika Aparecida Felix de; DALL'OGLIO, Marcos Francisco; TIMOSCZUK, Luciana M. S.; RIBEIRO-FILHO, Leopoldo A.; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R. M.
2013Interactions between Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Determine Distinct Patterns of Erectile Dysfunction: A Latent Class AnalysisBARBOSA, Joao A. B. A.; MURACCA, Eduardo; NAKANO, Elcio; ASSALIN, Adriana R.; CORDEIRO, Paulo; PARANHOS, Mario; CURY, Jose E.; SROUGI, Miguel; ANTUNES, Alberto A.
2013MicroRNA expression profiles in the progression of prostate cancer-from high-grade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia to metastasisLEITE, Katia R. M.; TOMIYAMA, Alberto; REIS, Sabrina T.; SOUSA-CANAVEZ, Juliana M.; SANUDO, Adriana; CAMARA-LOPES, Luiz H.; SROUGI, Miguel
2021Physical activity effects on bladder dysfunction in an obese and insulin-resistant murine modelOLIVEIRA, Andre Matos de; FONSECA, Fernando Mello Froes; REIS, Sabrina Thalita; VIANA, Nayara Izabel; OLIVEIRA, Edilamar Menezes; LEIRIA, Luiz Osorio; LEITE, Katia Ramos Moreira; NAHAS, William Carlos; SROUGI, Miguel; ANTUNES, Alberto Azoubel
2018Predictive factors for prolonged hospital stay after retropublic radical prostatectomy in a high-volume teaching centerCOELHO, Rafael F.; CORDEIRO, Mauricio D.; PADOVANI, Guilherme P.; LOCALLI, Rafael; FONSECA, Limirio; PONTES JUNIOR, Jose; GUGLIELMETTI, Giuliano B.; SROUGI, Miguel; NAHAS, William Carlos
2020Postoperative Renal Function in Patients Undergoing Unilateral Nephrectomy: Development of a Prediction Model Using Preoperative Risk Factors and Cr-51-EDTA ClearanceANDRADE, Hiury S.; SROUGI, Victor; ARAP, Marco A.; MITRE, Anuar I.; CAMARGO, Cristina P.; ZARGAR, Homayoun; KAOUK, Jihad H.; NAHAS, Willian C.; SROUGI, Miguel; DUARTE, Ricardo J.
2017Value of 3-Tesla multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging and targeted biopsy for improved risk stratification in patients considered for active surveillancePESSOA, Rodrigo R.; VIANA, Publio C.; MATTEDI, Romulo L.; GUGLIELMETTI, Giuliano B.; CORDEIRO, Mauricio D.; COELHO, Rafael F.; NAHAS, William C.; SROUGI, Miguel
2013Prima-1 induces apoptosis in bladder cancer cell lines by activating p53PIANTINO, Camila B.; REIS, Sabrina T.; VIANA, Nayara I.; SILVA, Iran A.; MORAIS, Denis R.; ANTUNES, Alberto A.; DIP, Nelson; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R.
2013The role of micro RNAs let7c, 100 and 218 expression and their target RAS, C-MYC, BUB1, RB, SMARCA5, LAMB3 and Ki-67 in prostate cancerREIS, Sabrina T.; TIMOSZCZUK, Luciana S.; PONTES-JUNIOR, Jose; VIANA, Nayara; SILVA, Iran A.; DIP, Nelson; SROUGI, Miguel; LEITE, Katia R. M.