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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An oligoclonal combination of human monoclonal antibodies able to neutralize tetanus toxin in vivoALIPRANDINI, E.; TAKATA, D.Y.; LEPIQUE, A.; KALIL, J.; BOSCARDIN, S.B.; MORO, A.M.
2017Protective effects of ω-3 PUFA in anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity: A critical reviewSERINI, S.; VASCONCELOS, R. O.; GOMES, R. N.; CALVIELLO, G.
2017Treatment of vaginal atrophy of women in postmenopausalFLORENCIO‐SILVA, R.; SIMOES, R. S.; GIRAO, J. H. R. C.; CARBONEL, A. A. F.; TEIXEIRA, C. D. P.; SASSO, G. R. D. S.
2017Stem cells derived from menstrual flow: possible applicationsSASSO, G. R. D. S.; CALIO, M. L.; FUCHS, L. F. P.; TEIXEIRA, C. D. P.; SIMOES, R. S.; FLORENCIO‐SILVA, R.
2017Androgens and breastFLORENCIO‐SILVA, R.; SASSO, G. R. D. S.; GIRAO, J. H. C.; BARACAT, M. C. P.; SIMOES, R. S.
2017Occupational allergic disease: Socio-epidemiological aspects from a specialized outpatient clinic at the city of Sao PauloLIMA, C. M. Fonseca De; HERNANDES, G. Hernandes Y; NAVAJAS, S.; SWAROWSKY, G.; KALIL, J.; GALVAO, C. E. S.
2020Multicenter study of Candida species in oral mucosa of different patients: Analysis of 711 strains and literature reviewSANTOS, R.L.O. Dos; RUIZ, L. Da Silva; AULER, M.E.; CHAVASCO, J.K.; MOREIRA, D.; RAMOS, R.T.B.; LARA, B.R.; PAULA, C.R.
2020Effects of suppression of endotracheal suctioning in the incidence of pulmonary complications on the postoperative cardiac surgery [Efeitos da supressão da aspiração endotraqueal na incidência de complicações pulmonares no pós operatório de cirurgia cardíaca]CAMPOS, A.; RABELO, A.B.L.; BARROS, J.O.; NOZAWA, E.; HAJJAR, L.A.; GALLAS, F.R.B.G.; FELTRIM, M.I.Z.
2020Adiponectin and leptin levels in migraineurs: Results from the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)GOULART, A.C.; ALMEIDA-PITITTO, B. de; LOTUFO, P.A.; SANTOS, I.S.; FERREIRA, S.R.G.; BENSEñOR, I.M.
2020Pandemics, cities and public healthGOUVEIA, N.; KANAI, C.