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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Primordial and primary prevention programs for cardiovascular diseases: from risk assessment through risk communication to risk reduction. A review of the literatureLANCAROTTE, Ines; NOBRE, Moacyr Roberto
2016Serum adipocytokine profile and metabolic syndrome in young adult female dermatomyositis patientsSILVA, Marilda Guimaraes; BORBA, Eduardo Ferreira; MELLO, Suzana Beatriz Verissimo de; SHINJO, Samuel Katsuyuki
2016Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma: Brazilian surveyCOTRIM, Helma P.; OLIVEIRA, Claudia P.; COELHO, Henrique Sergio M.; ALVARES-DA-SILVA, Mario R.; NABUCO, Leticia; PARISE, Edison Roberto; IVANTES, Claudia; MARTINELLI, Ana L. C.; GALIZZI-FILHO, Joao; CARRILHO, Flair J.
2016Detection value of free cancer cells in peritoneal washing in gastric cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysisTUSTUMI, Francisco; BERNARDO, Wanderley Marques; DIAS, Andre Roncon; RAMOS, Marcus Fernando Kodama Pertille; CECCONELLO, Ivan; ZILBERSTEIN, Bruno; RIBERIO-JUNIOR, Ulysses
2016Spine radiosurgery for the local treatment of spine metastases: Intensity-modulated radiotherapy, image guidance, clinical aspects and future directionsMORAES, Fabio Ynoe de; TAUNK, Neil Kanth; LAUFER, Ilya; NEVES-JUNIOR, Wellington Furtado Pimenta; HANNA, Samir Abdallah; CARVALHO, Heloisa de Andrade; YAMADA, Yoshiya
2016Age and regional differences in clinical presentation and risk of hospitalization for dengue in Brazil, 2000-2014BURATTINI, Marcelo N.; LOPEZ, Luis F.; COUTINHO, Francisco A. B.; SIQUEIRA- JR., Joao B.; HOMSANI, Sheila; SARTI, Elsa; MASSAD, Eduardo
2016Six-minute walk test in children and adolescents with renal diseases: tolerance, reproducibility and comparison with healthy subjectsWATANABE, Flavia Tieme; KOCH, Vera Herminia Kalika; JULIANI, Regina Celia Turola Passos; CUNHA, Maristela Trevisan
2016Management of diabetes mellitus in individuals with chronic kidney disease: therapeutic perspectives and glycemic controlBETONICO, Carolina C. R.; TITAN, Silvia M. O.; CORREA-GIANNELLA, Maria Lucia C.; NERY, Marcia; QUEIROZ, Marcia
2016A simple technique can reduce cardiopulmonary bypass use during lung transplantationSAMANO, Marcos N.; IUAMOTO, Leandro R.; FONSECA, Hugo V. S.; FERNANDES, Lucas M.; ABDALLA, Luis G.; JATENE, Fabio B.; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo M.
2016Analyses of balance and flexibility of obese patients undergoing bariatric surgeryBENETTI, Fernanda Antico; BACHA, Ivan Leo; GARRIDO JUNIOR, Arthur Belarmino; GREVE, Julia Maria D'Andrea