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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018RET rearrangements in non-small cell lung cancer and implications for the future of precision drug developmentSANTINI, Fernando Costa
2013Imaging biomarkers to track subclinical atherosclerosis in heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemiaMINAME, Marcio H.; SANTOS, Raul D.
2013Physicochemical analysis of blood and urine in the course of acute kidney injury in critically ill patients: a prospective, observational studyMACIEL, Alexandre Toledo; PARK, Marcelo; MACEDO, Etienne
2019Impact of Acute Kidney Injury on Short- and Long-term Outcomes After Transcatheter Aortic Valve ImplantationNUNES FILHO, Antonio C. B.; KATZ, Marcelo; CAMPOS, Carlos M.; CARVALHO, Luiz A.; SIQUEIRA, Dimytri A.; TUMELERO, Rogerio T.; PORTELLA, Antenor L. F.; ESTEVES, Vinicius; PERIN, Marco A.; SARMENTO-LEITE, Rogerio; LEMOS NETO, Pedro A.; TARASOUTCHI, Flavio; BEZERRA, Hiram G.; BRITO JR., Fabio S. de
2019Surgical Management of Malignant Intestinal Obstruction: Outcome and Prognostic FactorsSOUSA, Jorge Henrique Bento de; BIANCHI, Edno Tales; TUSTUMI, Francisco; LEONARDI, Paulo Cesar; RIBEIRO JUNIOR, Ulysses; CECONELLO, Ivan
2018Serum levels of VEGF and MCSF in HER2+/HER2- breast cancer patients with metronomic neoadjuvant chemotherapyARAI, Roberto J.; PETRY, Vanessa; HOFF, Paulo M.; MANO, Max S.
2018Risk of thrombosis and mortality in inflammatory bowel diseaseANDRADE, Adriana R.; BARROS, Luisa L.; AZEVEDO, Matheus F. C.; CARLOS, Alexandre S.; DAMIAO, Aderson O. M. C.; SIPAHI, Aytan M.; LEITE, Andre Z. A.
2019The Influence of Continuous Exercising on Chronotropic Incompetence in Multi-Episode SchizophreniaHERBSLEB, Marco; KELLER-VARADY, Katriona; WOBROCK, Thomas; HASAN, Alkomiet; SCHMITT, Andrea; FALKAIS, Peter; GABRIEL, Holger Horst Werner; BAER, Karl-Juergen; MALCHOW, Berend
2018Risk Factors for Adverse Fetal Outcome in Hemodialysis Pregnant WomenLUDERS, Claudio; TITAN, Silvia Maria; KAHHALE, Soubhi; FRANCISCO, Rossana Pulcineli; ZUGAIB, Marcelo
2018Single-Center Experience in Managing Epithelioid Trophoblastic TumorsLIN, Lawrence H.; FUSHIDA, Koji; OKUMURA, Maria; SCHULTZ, Regina; FRANCISCO, Rossana P. V.; ZUGAIB, Marcelo