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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Inferior Survival Rates After Chemoradiation for Rectal Cancer Without SurgeryHABR-GAMA, Angelita; JULIAO, Guilherme Pagin Sao; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
2018Quality of Life in Patients With Rectal Cancer After Chemoradiation: Watch-and-Wait Policy Versus Standard Resection-Are We Comparing Apples to Oranges?VAILATI, Bruna Borba; HABR-GAMA, Angelita; MATTACHEO, Adrian E.; JULIAO, Guilherme Pagin Sao; PEREZ, Rodrigo Oliva
2015Management of adenomas within the area of rectal cancer that develop complete pathological responseHABR-GAMA, Angelita; VIANNA, Maria Regina; JULIAO, Guilherme P. Sao; RAWET, Viviane; GAMA-RODRIGUES, Joaquim; PROSCURSHIM, Igor; ALVES, Jacyara; FERNANDEZ, Laura M.; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
2022cT2N0 Distal Rectal Cancer: Do Not Believe in Fairy TalesFERNANDEZ, Laura M.; FIGUEIREDO, Nuno; HABR-GAMA, Angelita; JULIAO, Guilherme P. Sao; VIEIRA, Pedro; VAILATI, Bruna B.; NASIR, Irfan; PARES, Oriol; SANTIAGO, Ines; CASTILLO-MARTIN, Mireia; CARVALHO, Carlos; PARVAIZ, Amjad; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
2019Response to Comment on ""Organ Preservation for cT2N0 Distal Rectal Cancer-Are There Any Better Surgical Alternatives Without Chemoradiation?''HABR-GAMA, Angelita; JULIAO, Guilherme P. Sao; VAILATI, Bruna B.; FERNANDEZ, Laura M.; ARAUJO, Sergio E. A.; SABBAGA, Jorge; AGUILAR, Patricia B.; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
2016No Surgery After Chemoradiation Is Not Equal to Nonoperative Management After Complete Clinical Response and ChemoradiationHABR-GAMA, Angelita; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
2023Rectal Cancer and Organ-Preservation: Safety First, Then the KingFERNANDEZ, Laura M.; JULIAO, Guilherme P. Sao; RENEHAN, Andrew G.; BEETS, Geerard L.; PAPOILA, Ana L.; VAILATI, Bruna B.; KRANENBARG, Elma Meershoek-Klein; ROODVOETS, Annet G. H.; FIGUEIREDO, Nuno L.; VELDE, Cornelis J. H. van de; HABR-GAMA, Angelita; PEREZ, Rodrigo O.
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