ODS/05 - Igualdade de gênero

Objetivo: Alcançar a igualdade de gênero e empoderar todas as mulheres e meninas.


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  1. HIV risk perceptions and post-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men in five Brazilian cities

    CIENCIA & SAUDE COLETIVA, v.26, n.11, p.5739-5749, 2021

    In the current context of the HIV epi-demic, multiple prevention strategies including biomedical interventions have been presented as alternatives for vulnerable groups. This study investigated homosexuals' and bisexuals' percep-tions of the risk of HIV infection and their expe-riences of using H...

  2. The Protective Effect of Neighbourhood Collective Efficacy On Family Violence and Youth Antisocial Behaviour in Two South Korean Prospective Longitudinal Cohorts


    Neighbourhood collective efficacy has been proposed as a protective factor against family violence and youth antisocial behaviour. However, little is known about its impact on parent and child behaviour in non-Western countries. Using data from two population-based prospective cohorts from South ...

  3. Testing, Inequities and Vulnerability of Adolescents to Sexually Transmitted Infections

    JOURNAL OF COMMUNITY HEALTH, v.47, n.1, p.118-126, 2022

    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) should form part of the comprehensive healthcare agenda for adolescents and young people (A&Y) and testing plays a strategic role in STI prevention. However, little attention has been paid to the social and programmatic obstacles to this practice among A&Y. ...

  4. The role of social support in reducing the impact of violence on adolescents' mental health in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    PLOS ONE, v.16, n.10, article ID e0258036, 20p, 2021

    Objectives We investigated whether perceived social support among adolescent students moderated the association between violence exposure and internalising symptoms in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. Methods We tested the stress-buffering model using data from the cross-sectional school-based, survey Sao...

  5. Editorial: Psychological Dimensions in Human Sexual Health and Behavior

    FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, v.12, article ID 739708, 3p, 2021

  6. Knowledge about clinical presentation, prevention strategies and sexual transmission of Zika virus infection among women of reproductive age in an endemic area

    BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES, v.25, n.5, article ID 101629, 7p, 2021

    Background: The recognition of the causal association between Zika virus (ZIKV) infection during pregnancy and congenital abnormalities including microcephaly underlines the importance of preventing this disease in pregnant women (PW) and women of childbearing age (WCA). Although Brazil and other...

  7. Nationwide questionnaire data of 229 Williams-Beuren syndrome patients using WhatsApp tool

    ARQUIVOS DE NEURO-PSIQUIATRIA, v.79, n.11, p.950-956, 2021

    Background: Williams-Beuren syndrome is a multisystemic disorder caused by a microdeletion of the 7q 11.23 region. Although familial cases with autosomal dominant inheritance have been reported, the vast majority are sporadic. Objective: To investigate the main complaints and clinical findings of...

  8. Usual source of healthcare and use of sexual and reproductive health services by female sex workers in Brazil

    CADERNOS DE SAUDE PUBLICA, v.37, n.10, article ID e00188120, 12p, 2021

    The fact of having a usual source of care can improve access to health services and preventive activities. The article aimed to estimate the proportion of factors associated with usual source of care among female sex workers. This was a socio-behavioral survey with 4,328 female sex workers, = 18 ...

  9. Prevalence of sexual abuse and its association with health-risk behaviors among Brazilian adolescents: A populational study

    CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT, v.122, article ID 105347, 9p, 2021

    Background: Analysis of sexual abuse has usually been neglected in research at developing countries despite its everlasting consequences. This study examined the prevalence of sexual abuse among Brazilian adolescents according to data from the National School Health Survey (PeNSE) and analyzed it...

  10. Factors associated with self-reported adherence to daily oral pre-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with man and transgender women: PrEP Brasil study

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF STD & AIDS, v.32, n.13, p.1231-1241, 2021

    Understanding the factors associated with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) adherence may help in the development of strategies to support, motivate and sustain PrEP use. This study estimated self-reported adherence, described perceived barriers and facilitators and investigated factors associated ...