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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Vaccination coverage rates and predictors of HPV vaccination among eligible and non-eligible female adolescents at the Brazilian HPV vaccination public programFAISAL-CURY, Alexandre; LEVY, Renata Bertazzi; TOURINHO, Maria Fernanda; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre; ELUF-NETO, Jose
2019Thematic synthesis HIV prevention qualitative studies in men who have sex with men (MSM)MATHIAS, Augusto; SANTOS, Lorruan Alves dos; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre; COUTO, Marcia Thereza
2020Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Continuing HIV Prevention Services for Adolescents Through Telemonitoring, BrazilDOURADO, Ines; MAGNO, Laio; SOARES, Fabiane; MASSA, Paula; NUNN, Amy; DALAL, Shona; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre
2019AIDS- and sexuality-related stigmas underlying the use of post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV in Brazil: findings from a multicentric studyFERRAZ, Dulce; COUTO, Marcia Thereza; ZUCCHI, Eliana Miura; CALAZANS, Gabriela Junqueira; SANTOS, Lorruan Alves dos; MATHIAS, Augusto; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre
2019Heterosexually active men, masculinities, HIV prevention, and the search for post-exposure prophylaxis following sexual exposureSANTOS, Lorruan Alves dos; COUTO, Marcia Thereza; MATHIAS, Augusto; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre
2019Trends and predictors of non-communicable disease multimorbidity among adults living with HIV and receiving antiretroviral therapy in BrazilCASTILHO, Jessica L.; ESCUDER, Maria M.; VELOSO, Valdilea; GOMES, Jackeline O.; JAYATHILAKE, Karu; RIBEIRO, Sayonara; SOUZA, Rosa A.; IKEDA, Maria L.; ALENCASTRO, Paulo R. de; TUPINANBAS, Unai; BRITES, Carlos; MCGOWAN, Catherine C.; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre; GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz
2019Nonoccupational post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV after sexual intercourse among women in Brazil: Risk profiles and predictors of loss to follow-upGRANGEIRO, Alexandre; NASCIMENTO, Maria Monica Paulino do; ZUCCHI, Eliana Miura; FERRAZ, Dulce; ESCUDER, Maria Mercedes; ARRUDA, Erico; LOTUFO, Denize; MUNHOZ, Rosemeire; COUTO, Marcia Thereza
2015New HIV prevention methods: recognizing boundaries between individual autonomy and public policiesGRANGEIRO, Alexandre; KUCHENBECKER, Ricardo; VERAS, Maria Amélia
2015The effect of prevention methods on reducing sexual risk for HIV and their potential impact on a large-scale: a literature reviewGRANGEIRO, Alexandre; FERRAZ, Dulce; CALAZANS, Gabriela; ZUCCHI, Eliana Miura; DÍAZ-BERMÚDEZ, Ximena Pamela
2014Prevalence of Syphilis and associated factors in homeless people of Sao Paulo, Brazil, using a Rapid TestPINTO, Valdir Monteiro; TANCREDI, Mariza Vono; ALENCAR, Herculano Duarte Ramos De; CAMOLESI, Elisabeth; HOLCMAN, Márcia Moreira; GRECCO, João Paulo; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre; GRECCO, Elisabete Taeko Onaga