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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adherence to antiretroviral treatment and quality of life among transgender women living with HIV/AIDS in Sao Paulo, BrazilSABINO, Thiago E.; I, Vivian Avelino-Silva; CAVALCANTTE, Clara; GOULART, Silvia P.; LUIZ, Olinda C.; FONSECA, Luiz A. M.; CASSEB, Jorge S.
2021The impact of socioeconomic status on HPV infection among young Brazilians in a nationwide multicenter studyKOPS, Natalia L.; HORVATH, Jaqueline D. C.; BESSEL, Marina; SOUZA, Flavia M. A.; BENZAKEN, Adele S.; PEREIRA, Gerson F. M.; VILLA, Luisa L.; WENDLAND, Eliana M.
2021Brazilian Protocol for Sexually Transmitted Infections 2020: human T-cell lymphotropic virus (HTLV) infectionROSADAS, Carolina; BRITES, Carlos; ARAKAKI-SANCHEZ, Denise; CASSEB, Jorge; ISHAK, Ricardo
2021Prevalence of Low Back Pain and Associated Factors in Older Adults: Amazonia Brazilian Community StudySOUZA, Ingred Merllin Batista de; MERINI, Lilian Regiani; RAMOS, Luiz Armando Vidal; PASSARO, Anice de Campos; FRANCA, Joao Italo Dias; MARQUES, Amelia Pasqual
2021Multicomponent physical activity program to prevent body changes and metabolic disturbances associated with antiretroviral therapy and improve quality of life of people living with HIV: a pragmatic trialSANTOS, Elisabete Cristina Morandi Dos; FLORINDO, Alex Antonio; SANTOS, Ardiles Vitor; PICONE, Camila de Melo; DIAS, Tulio Gamio; SEGURADO, Aluisio Cotrim
2021Factors associated with self-reported adherence to daily oral pre-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with man and transgender women: PrEP Brasil studyMARINS, Luana Monteiro Spindola; TORRES, Thiago Silva; LUZ, Paula Mendes; I, Ronaldo Moreira; LEITE, Iuri C.; HOAGLAND, Brenda; KALLAS, Esper G.; V, Jose Madruga; GRINSZTEJN, Beatriz; VELOSO, Valdilea Goncalves
2021Low prevalence of human gammaherpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) infection among HIV-infected pregnant women in Rio De Janeiro, BrazilLOPES, Amanda de O.; LIMA, Lyana R. P.; TOZETTO-MENDOZA, Tania R.; MARTINELLI, Katrini G.; MORGADO, Mariza G.; PILOTTO, Jose H.; PAULA, Vanessa S. de
2021Is dynapenia associated with the onset and persistence of depressive and anxiety symptoms among older adults? Findings from the Irish longitudinal study on ageingCARVALHO, Andre F.; MAES, Michael; SOLMI, Marco; BRUNONI, Andre R.; LANGE, Shannon; HUSAIN, M. Ishrat; KURDYAK, Paul; REHM, Jurgen; KOYANAGI, Ai
2021Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sexual and mental health of adolescent and adult men who have sex with men and transgender women participating in two PrEP cohort studies in Brazil: COBra study protocolFERRAZ, Dulce; DOURADO, Ines; ZUCCHI, Eliana Miura; MABIRE, Xavier; MAGNO, Laio; GRANGEIRO, Alexandre D.; COUTO, Marcia Thereza; FERGUSON, Laura; WESTIN, Mateus; SANTOS, Lorruan Alves dos; PREAU, Marie
2021Experiences of gynecological care by lesbian and bisexual women: (in)visibility and barriers to the exercise of the right to healthRODRIGUES, Julliana Luiz; FALCAO, Marcia Thereza Couto