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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Depression in Women with Recurrent Miscarriages - an Exploratory StudyCARVALHO, Ariel Cesar de; SILVA, Michele Eugênio da; MATOS, Bárbara Magueta; BOTTINO, Cassio Machado de Campos; ABRAHÃO, Anelise Riedel; COHRS, Frederico Molina; BOTTINO, Sara Mota Borges
2016Attentional bias to threat in children at-risk for emotional disorders: role of gender and type of maternal emotional disorderMONTAGNER, Rachel; MOGG, Karin; BRADLEY, Brendan P.; PINE, Daniel S.; CZYKIEL, Marcelo S.; MIGUEL, Euripedes Constantino; ROHDE, Luis A.; MANFRO, Gisele G.; SALUM, Giovanni A.
2016New challenges beyond nutrition: c-section, air pollution and domestic violenceFERRARO, A. A.; FERNANDES, M. T. B.; VIEIRA, S. E.
2016Sexual Compulsivity Scale, Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory, and Hypersexual Disorder Screening Inventory: Translation, Adaptation, and Validation for Use in BrazilSCANAVINO, Marco de T.; VENTUNEAC, Ana; RENDINA, H. Jonathon; ABDO, Carmita H. N.; TAVARES, Hermano; AMARAL, Maria L. S. do; MESSINA, Bruna; REIS, Sirlene C. dos; MARTINS, Joao P. L. B.; GORDON, Marina C.; VIEIRA, Julie C.; PARSONS, Jeffrey T.
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