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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Incidence and clearance of oral human papillomavirus infection in men: the HIM cohort studyKREIMER, Aimee R.; CAMPBELL, Christine M. Pierce; LIN, Hui-Yi; FULP, William; PAPENFUSS, Mary R.; ABRAHAMSEN, Martha; HILDESHEIM, Allan; VILLA, Luisa L.; SALMERON, Jorge J.; LAZCANO-PONCE, Eduardo; GIULIANO, Anna R.
2021The impact of socioeconomic status on HPV infection among young Brazilians in a nationwide multicenter studyKOPS, Natalia L.; HORVATH, Jaqueline D. C.; BESSEL, Marina; SOUZA, Flavia M. A.; BENZAKEN, Adele S.; PEREIRA, Gerson F. M.; VILLA, Luisa L.; WENDLAND, Eliana M.
2013Men Who Purchase Sex, Who Are They? An Interurban ComparisonOMPAD, Danielle C.; BELL, David L.; AMESTY, Silvia; NYITRAY, Alan G.; PAPENFUSS, Mary; LAZCANO-PONCE, Eduardo; VILLA, Luisa L.; GIULIANO, Anna R.
2016Reproductive and genital health and risk of cervical human papillomavirus infection: results from the Ludwig-McGill cohort studySHAW, Eileen; RAMANAKUMAR, Agnihotram V.; EL-ZEIN, Mariam; SILVA, Flavia R.; GALAN, Lenice; BAGGIO, Maria L.; VILLA, Luisa L.; FRANCO, Eduardo L.
2019Factors associated with HPV and other self-reported STI coinfections among sexually active Brazilian young adults: cross-sectional nationwide studyKOPS, Natalia Luiza; BESSEL, Marina; HORVATH, Jaqueline Driemeyer Correia; DOMINGUES, Carla; SOUZA, Flavia Moreno Alves de; BENZAKEN, Adele Schwartz; PEREIRA, Gerson Fernando Mendes; MARANHAO, Ana Goretti Kalume; VILLA, Luisa Lina; MELLO, Barbara; WENDLAND, Eliana Marcia
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