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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013N-acetylcysteine attenuates renal alterations induced by senescence in the ratSHIMIZU, Maria Heloisa M.; VOLPINI, Rildo A.; BRAGANCA, Ana Carolina de; CAMPOS, Renata; CANALE, Daniele; SANCHES, Talita R.; ANDRADE, Lucia; SEGURO, Antonio C.
2017Allopurinol attenuates acute kidney injury following Bothrops jararaca envenomationGOIS, Pedro Henrique Franca; MARTINES, Monique Silva; FERREIRA, Daniela; VOLPINI, Rildo; CANALE, Daniele; MALAQUE, Ceila; CRAJOINAS, Renato; GIRARDI, Adriana Castello Costa; SHIMIZU, Maria Heloisa Massola; SEGURO, Antonio Carlos
2018Chronic nicotine exposure reduces klotho expression and triggers different renal and hemodynamic responses in klotho-haploinsufficient miceCOELHO, Fernanda Oliveira; JORGE, Lecticia Barbosa; VICIANA, Ana Carolina de Braganca; SANCHES, Talita R.; SANTOS, Fernando dos; HELOU, Claudia M. B.; IRIGOYEN, Maria Claudia; KURO-O, Makoto; ANDRADE, Lucia
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