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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Two innovative Brazilian programs relating to road safety prevention. A case studyCARNEIRO, Leandro Piquet; BATTISTELLA, Linamara Rizzo
2018Alcohol in combination with illicit drugs among fatal injuries in Sao Paulo, Brazil: An epidemiological study on the association between acute substance use and injuryANDREUCCETTI, G.; CHERPITEL, C. J.; CARVALHO, H. B.; LEYTON, V; MIZIARA, I. D.; MUNOZ, D. R.; REINGOLD, A. L.; LEMOS, N. P.
2013Comparative genotoxicity of airborne particulate matter (PM2.5) using Salmonella, plants and mammalian cellsBRITO, Kelly Cristina Tagliari de; LEMOS, Clarice Torres de; ROCHA, Jocelita Aparecida Vaz; MIELLI, Ana Cristina; MATZENBACHER, Cristina; VARGAS, Vera Maria Ferrao
2015Contemporary Trends in the Epidemiology of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Changes in Age and EtiologyBELLUCCI, Carlos Henrique Suzuki; CASTRO FILHO, Jose Everton de; GOMES, Cristiano Mendes; BESSA JR., Jose de; BATTISTELLA, Linamara Rizzo; SOUZA, Daniel Rubio de; SCAZUFCA, Marcia; BRUSCHINI, Homero; SROUGI, Miguel; BARROS FILHO, Tarcisio E. P.
2020Alcohol Consumption and Violent Deaths in the City of Sao Paulo in 2015GONCALVES, Raphael Eduardo Marques; PONCE, Julio de Carvalho; LEYTON, Vilma
2019Drink driving and speeding in Sao Paulo, Brazil: empirical cross-sectional study (2015-2018)ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; LEYTON, Vilma; CARVALHO, Heraclito Barbosa; SINAGAWA, Daniele M.; BOMBANA, Henrique S.; PONCE, Julio C.; ALLEN, Katharine A.; VECINO-ORTIZ, Andres I.; HYDER, Adnan A.
2020Driving under the influence of psychostimulant drugs: Effects on cognitive functioning among truck drivers in BrazilOLIVEIRA, Lucio Garcia de; BARROSO, Lucia Pereira; LEOPOLDO, Kae; GOUVEA, Marcela Julio Cesar; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao; LEYTON, Vilma
2020The interactive effect of location, alcohol consumption and non-traffic injuryYE, Yu; CHERPITEL, Cheryl J.; WITBRODT, Jane; ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; ROOM, Robin
2016Alcohol and drug involvement in motorcycle driver injuries in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil: Analysis of crash culpability and other associated factorsCARVALHO, Heraclito Barbosa de; ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; REZENDE, Marcelo Rosa; BERNINI, Celso; SILVA, Jorge Santos; LEYTON, Vilma; GREVE, Julia Maria D'Andrea
2014Mucociliary clearance, airway inflammation and nasal symptoms in urban motorcyclistsBRANT, Tereza C. S.; YOSHIDA, Carolina T.; CARVALHO, Tomas de S.; NICOLA, Marina L.; MARTINS, Jocimar A.; BRAGA, Lays M.; OLIVEIRA, Regiani C. de; LEYTON, Vilma; ANDRE, Carmen S. de; SALDIVA, Paulo H. N.; RUBIN, Bruce K.; NAKAGAWA, Naomi K.
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