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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Influence of water's physical and chemical parameters on mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) assemblages in larval habitats in urban parks of Sao Paulo, BrazilMEDEIROS-SOUSA, Antonio Ralph; OLIVEIRA-CHRISTE, Rafael de; CAMARGO, Amanda Alves; SCINACHI, Claudia Araujo; MILANI, Gerlice Maria; URBINATTI, Paulo Roberto; NATAL, Delsio; CERETTI-JUNIOR, Walter; MARRELLI, Mauro Toledo
2020Influence of landscape composition and configuration on the richness and abundance of potential sylvatic yellow fever vectors in a remnant of Atlantic Forest in the city of Sao Paulo, BrazilWILK-DA-SILVA, Ramon; MUCCI, Luis Filipe; CERETTI-JUNIOR, Walter; DUARTE, Ana Maria Ribeiro de Castro; MARRELLI, Mauro Toledo; MEDEIROS-SOUSA, Antonio Ralph
2016Detection of Culex flavivirus and Aedes flavivirus nucleotide sequences in mosquitoes from parks in the city of Sao Paulo, BrazilFERNANDES, Licia Natal; PAULA, Marcia Bicudo de; ARAUJO, Alessandra Bergamo; GONCALVES, Elisabeth Fernandes Bertoletti; ROMANO, Camila Malta; NATAL, Delsio; MALAFRONTE, Rosely dos Santos; MARRELLI, Mauro Toledo; LEVI, Jose Eduardo
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