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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Comparison of traffic data and blood alcohol concentration among fatally injured drivers in Norway and Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2005-2015PONCE, Julio de Carvalho; ANDREUCCETTI, Gabriel; GONCALVES, Raphael Eduardo Marques; GJERDE, Hallvard; BOGSTRAND, Stig Tore; VALEN, Anja; LEYTON, Vilma; CARVALHO, Heraclito Barbosa de
2018Alcohol in combination with illicit drugs among fatal injuries in Sao Paulo, Brazil: An epidemiological study on the association between acute substance use and injuryANDREUCCETTI, G.; CHERPITEL, C. J.; CARVALHO, H. B.; LEYTON, V; MIZIARA, I. D.; MUNOZ, D. R.; REINGOLD, A. L.; LEMOS, N. P.
2018Effects of air pollution on infant and children respiratory mortality in four large Latin-American citiesGOUVEIA, Nelson; JUNGER, Washington Leite
2017Health impact modelling of different travel patterns on physical activity, air pollution and road injuries for Sao Paulo, BrazilSA, Thiago Herick de; TAINIO, Marko; GOODMAN, Anna; EDWARDS, Phil; HAINES, Andy; GOUVEIA, Nelson; MONTEIRO, Carlos; WOODCOCK, James
2018Treated Incidence of Psychotic Disorders in the Multinational EU-GEI StudyJONGSMA, Hannah E.; GAYER-ANDERSON, Charlotte; LASALVIA, Antonio; QUATTRONE, Diego; MULE, Alice; SZOKE, Andrei; SELTEN, Jean-Paul; TURNER, Caitlin; ARANGO, Celso; TARRICONE, Ilaria; BERARDI, Domenico; TORTELLI, Andrea; LLORCA, Pierre-Michel; HAAN, Lieuwe de; BOBES, Julio; BERNARDO, Miguel; SANJUAN, Julio; SANTOS, Jose Luis; ARROJO, Manuel; DEL-BEN, Cristina Marta; MENEZES, Paulo Rossi; MURRAY, Robin M.; RUTTEN, Bart P.; JONES, Peter B.; OS, Jim van; MORGAN, Craig; KIRKBRIDE, James B.
2020Alcohol Consumption and Violent Deaths in the City of Sao Paulo in 2015GONCALVES, Raphael Eduardo Marques; PONCE, Julio de Carvalho; LEYTON, Vilma
2020Vehicular traffic density and cognitive performance in the ELSA-Brasil studyROCHA, Douglas; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; SANTOS, Itamar Souza; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela; GOUVEIA, Nelson
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