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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The effects of urban particulate matter on the nasal epithelium by gender: An experimental study in miceYOSHIZAKI, K.; FUZIWARA, C. S.; BRITO, J. M.; SANTOS, T. M. N.; KIMURA, E. T.; CORREIA, A. T.; AMATO-LOURENCO, L. F.; VASCONCELLOS, P.; SILVA, L. F.; BRENTANI, M. M.; MAUAD, T.; SALDIVA, P. H. N.; MACCHIONE, M.
2018Pre- and postnatal exposure of mice to concentrated urban PM2.5 decreases the number of alveoli and leads to altered lung function at an early stage of lifeLOPES, Thais de Barros Mendes; GROTH, Espen E.; VERAS, Mariana; FURUYA, Tatiane K.; COSTA, Natalia de Souza Xavier; RIBEIRO JUNIOR, Gabriel; LOPES, Fernanda Degobbi; ALMEIDA, Francine M. de; CARDOSO, Wellington V.; SALDIVA, Paulo Hilario Nascimento; CHAMMAS, Roger; MAUAD, Thais
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