ODS/11 - Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis

Objetivo: Tornar as cidades e os assentamentos humanos inclusivos, seguros, resilientes e sustentáveis.


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  1. Psychiatric emergency units in Brazil: a cross-sectional study

    REVISTA DA ASSOCIACAO MEDICA BRASILEIRA, v.68, n.5, p.622-626, 2022

    OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to identify the infrastructure (e.g., availability, resources, and staff), basic metrics, and problems (e.g., network, overcrowding, resources, and infrastructure) of the psychiatric emergency services in Brazil. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study assessing psyc...

  2. Homelessness and Depressive Symptoms A Systematic Review

    JOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE, v.210, n.5, p.380-389, 2022

    The present systematic review aimed to summarize data on the prevalence and treatment of depressive symptoms among homeless people. We referred to the PubMed and Google Scholar databases to identify relevant studies on the topic. Among the 43 included studies, we found great variability in the pr...

  3. <p>The influence of landscape structure on the dispersal pattern of yellow fever virus in the state of Sao Paulo</p>

    ACTA TROPICA, v.228, article ID 106333, 9p, 2022

    Man-made changes to the landscape play a crucial role in altering the epidemiologic patterns of infectious diseases, mainly as a result of pathogen spillover. Sylvatic yellow fever is ideally suited to modeling of this phenomenon as the risk of transmission of the disease as well as its circulati...

  4. Safe in the womb? Effects of air pollution to the unborn child and neonates

    JORNAL DE PEDIATRIA, v.98, suppl.1, p.S27-S31, 2022

    Objective: In this brief review, the authors focus on the effects of gestational exposures to urban air pollution on fetal development and neonatal outcomes. Source of data: In this review the authors used PubMed, Web of Science and SciELO research platforms, analyzing papers from the last 30 yea...

  5. Using satellite imagery to estimate heavy vehicle volume for ecological injury analysis in India


    A major limitation of road injury research in low- and-middle income countries is the lack of consistent data across the settings, such as traffic counts, to measure traffic risk. This study presents a novel method in which traffic volume of heavy vehicles - trucks and buses - is estimated by ide...

  6. Life expectancy and mortality in 363 cities of Latin America

    NATURE MEDICINE, v.27, n.3, p.463-+, 2021

    The concept of a so-called urban advantage in health ignores the possibility of heterogeneity in health outcomes across cities. Using a harmonized dataset from the SALURBAL project, we describe variability and predictors of life expectancy and proportionate mortality in 363 cities across nine Lat...

  7. Associations of Urban Environment Features with Hypertension and Blood Pressure across 230 Latin American Cities

    ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES, v.130, n.2, article ID 27010, 10p, 2022

    BACKGROUND: Features of the urban physical environment may be linked to the development of high blood pressure, a leading risk factor for global burden of disease. OBJECTIVES: We examined associations of urban physical environment features with hypertension and blood pressure measures in adults a...

  8. LPS Response Is Impaired by Urban Fine Particulate Matter

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, v.23, n.7, article ID 3913, 18p, 2022

    Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is a complex mixture of components with diverse chemical and physical characteristics associated with increased respiratory and cardiovascular diseases mortality. Our study aimed to investigate the effects of exposure to concentrated PM2.5 on LPS-induced lung injur...

  9. Postoperative outcomes in oesophagectomy with trainee involvement

    BJS OPEN, v.5, n.6, article ID zrab132, 12p, 2021

    Background The complexity of oesophageal surgery and the significant risk of morbidity necessitates that oesophagectomy is predominantly performed by a consultant surgeon, or a senior trainee under their supervision. The aim of this study was to determine the impact of trainee involvement in oeso...

  10. External Environmental Pollution as a Risk Factor for Asthma

    CLINICAL REVIEWS IN ALLERGY & IMMUNOLOGY, v.62, n.1, Special Issue, p.72-89, 2022

    Air pollution is a worrisome risk factor for global morbidity and mortality and plays a special role in many respiratory conditions. It contributes to around 8 million deaths/year, with outdoor exposure being responsible for more than 4.2 million deaths throughout the world, while more than 3.8 m...