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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Evolutionary ecology, taxonomy, and systematics of avian malaria and related parasitesFECCHIO, Alan; CHAGAS, Carolina R. F.; BELL, Jeffrey A.; KIRCHGATTER, Karin
2020Health economic assessment of a shift to active transportRODRIGUES, P. F.; ALVIM-FERRAZ, M. C. M.; MARTINS, F. G.; SALDIVA, P.; SA, T. H.; SOUSA, S. I. V.
2020Impacts of home cooking methods and appliances on the GHG emissions of foodFRANKOWSKA, Angelina; RIVERA, Ximena Schmidt; BRIDLE, Sarah; KLUCZKOVSKI, Alana Marielle Rodrigues Galdino; SILVA, Jacqueline Tereza da; MARTINS, Carla Adriano; RAUBER, Fernanda; LEVY, Renata Bertazzi; COOK, Joanne; REYNOLDS, Christian
2020Society of Robotic Surgery review: recommendations regarding the risk of COVID-19 transmission during minimally invasive surgeryPORTER, James; BLAU, Elliot; GHARAGOZLOO, Farid; MARTINO, Martin; CERFOLIO, Robert; DUVVURI, Umamaheswar; CACERES, Aileen; BADANI, Ketan; BHAYANI, Sam; COLLINS, Justin; COELHO, Rafael; ROCCO, Bernard; WIKLUND, Peter; NATHAN, Senthil; PARRA-DAVILA, Eduardo; ORTIZ-ORTIZ, Carlos; MAES, Kris; DASGUPTA, Prokar; PATEL, Vipul
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