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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A multi-country analysis on potential adaptive mechanisms to cold and heat in a changing climateVICEDO-CABRERA, Ana M.; SERA, Francesco; GUO, Yuming; CHUNG, Yeonseung; ARBUTHNOTT, Katherine; TONG, Shilu; TOBIAS, Aurelio; LAVIGNE, Eric; COELHO, Micheline de Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio; SALDIVA, Paulo Hilario Nascimento; GOODMAN, Patrick G.; ZEKA, Ariana; HASHIZUME, Masahiro; HONDA, Yasushi; KIM, Ho; RAGETTLI, Martina S.; ROEOESLI, Martin; ZANOBETTI, Antonella; SCHWARTZ, Joel; ARMSTRONG, Ben; GASPARRINI, Antonio
2016Climate Change and Aedes Vectors: 21st Century Projections for Dengue Transmission in EuropeLIU-HELMERSSON, Jing; QUAM, Mikkel; WILDER-SMITH, Annelies; STENLUND, Hans; EBI, Kristie; MASSAD, Eduardo; ROCKLOV, Joacim
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