ODS/16 - Paz, justiça e instituições eficazes

Objetivo: Promover sociedades pacíficas e inclusivas para o desenvolvimento sustentável, proporcionar o acesso à justiça para todos e construir instituições eficazes, responsáveis e inclusivas em todos os níveis.


Recent Submissions

  1. Engaging stakeholders to level up COPD care in LMICs: lessons learned from the ""Breathe Well"" programme in Brazil, China, Georgia, and North Macedonia

    BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH, v.24, n.1, article ID 66, 10p, 2024

    BackgroundEffective stakeholder engagement in health research is increasingly being recognised and promoted as an important pathway to closing the gap between knowledge production and its use in health systems. However, little is known about its process and impacts, particularly in low-and middle...

  2. The relationship between internet gaming disorder and psychotic experiences: cyberbullying and insomnia severity as mediators

    BMC PSYCHIATRY, v.23, n.1, article ID 857, 14p, 2023

    BackgroundThe nature of the relationship between Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) and psychosis is unclear so far. There is evidence that greater time spent in playing video games may expose players to both insomnia and a toxic online environment with widespread cyberbullying. These two possible co...

  3. Requirements for Brazilian Outpatient Centers of Excellence in Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Consensus


    Background: Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin condition. Its complexity and impact on patients highlight the need for multidisciplinary care that can address the physical, psychological, and social aspects. Centers of excellence can ideally provide the necessary infrastructure, reso...

  4. Dimensions of harassment at school: dialogs about gender with young high school students in Sao Paulo/Brazil

    INTERFACE-COMUNICACAO SAUDE EDUCACAO, v.27, article ID e.220647, 15p, 2023

    In this article, we discuss uses of ""harassment"" as a category employed by young students from public high schools to make sense of violence and gender discrimination experiences that occur in and out of school. The analysis is based on fieldwork records produced within the scope of a multicent...

  5. Violence, Discrimination, and High Levels of Symptoms of Depression Among Adolescent Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender Women in Brazil

    JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH, v.73, n.6, suppl.S, p.S19-S25, 2023

    Purpose: This study aimed at describing the prevalence of symptoms of depression among 15-19 year old adolescent men who have sex with men (aMSM) and transgender women (aTGW), who were recruited in an HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis cohort study in three Brazilian capital cities. The study also exam...

  6. When Ethics and the Law Collide: A Multicenter Demonstration Cohort Study of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Provision to Adolescent Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender Women in Brazil

    JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT HEALTH, v.73, n.6, suppl.S, p.S11-S18, 2023

    Purpose: To explore legal and ethical challenges related to adolescents' participation in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) research that may affect their best interests. Methods: We analyzed the ethical principles and legal aspects of the participation of 15-17-year-old men who have sex with me...

  7. Violence, discrimination, and sexual health practices among adolescent men who have sex with men, transgender women and travestis in three cities in Brazil

    CADERNOS DE SAUDE PUBLICA, v.39, suppl.1, article ID e00142922, 14p, 2023

    The HIV epidemic has a disproportionate impact on adolescent and young men who have sex with men (AMSM) and transgender women and travestis (ATGW), with an increased HIV prevalence over the last 10 years. Violence affects the lives of these populations, undermining their ability to self-care and ...

  8. Air Pollution and Health - A Science-Policy Initiative

    ANNALS OF GLOBAL HEALTH, v.85, n.1, article ID 140, 9p, 2019

    Air pollution is a major, preventable and manageable threat to people's health, well-being and the fulfillment of sustainable development. Air pollution is estimated to contribute to at least 5 million premature deaths each year across the world. No one remains unaffected by dirty air, but the ad...

  9. The (in)visible Brazilians: A perspective review on the need for brain health and dementia research with Brazilian immigrants in the United States


    Introduction: The Brazilian population in the United States (U.S.), a Latinx subgroup, is rapidly growing and aging but remains underrepresented in U.S. health research. In addition to group-specific genetic and environmental risks, Brazilian immigrants and their offspring in the U.S. likely have...

  10. Exploring the mediation of DNA methylation across the epigenome between childhood adversity and First Episode of Psychosis-findings from the EU-GEI study

    MOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY, v.28, n.5, p.2095-2106, 2023

    AbtractStudies conducted in psychotic disorders have shown that DNA-methylation (DNAm) is sensitive to the impact of Childhood Adversity (CA). However, whether it mediates the association between CA and psychosis is yet to be explored. Epigenome wide association studies (EWAS) using the Illumina ...