ODS/14 - Vida na água

Objetivo: Conservação e uso sustentável dos oceanos, dos mares e dos recursos marinhos para o desenvolvimento sustentável.


Recent Submissions

  1. Taxonomic and functional heterogeneity of the gill microbiome in a symbiotic coastal mangrove lucinid species

    ISME JOURNAL, v.13, n.4, p.902-920, 2019

    Lucinidae clams harbor gammaproteobacterial thioautotrophic gill endosymbionts that are environmentally acquired. Thioautotrophic lucinid symbionts are related to metabolically similar symbionts associated with diverse marine host taxa and fall into three distinct phylogenetic clades. Most studie...

  2. Global, regional, and national burden of tuberculosis, 1990-2016: results from the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors 2016 Study

    LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES, v.18, n.12, p.1329-1349, 2018

    Background Although a preventable and treatable disease, tuberculosis causes more than a million deaths each year. As countries work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target to end the tuberculosis epidemic by 2030, robust assessments of the levels and trends of the burden ...

  3. Dental enamel as biomarker for environmental contaminants in relevant industrialized estuary areas in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, v.24, n.16, p.14080-14090, 2017

    Heavy metal contamination is a long-standing and very well-known public health problem, and its exposure can cause damage to several organs of human body, especially on the central nervous system of young children and teenagers. The aim of this article is to evaluate lead, cadmium, and manganese ...

  4. A Streamlined Approach by a Combination of Bioindication and Geostatistical Methods for Assessing Air Contaminants and Their Effects on Human Health in Industrialized Areas: A Case Study in Southern Brazil

    FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, v.8, article ID 1575, 15p, 2017

    Industrialization in developing countries associated with urban growth results in a number of economic benefits, especially in small or medium-sized cities, but leads to a number of environmental and public health consequences. This problem is further aggravated when adequate infrastructure is la...

  5. Stains of ejaculated pre and post-vasectomy: Purity and sufficient quantity of recovered DNA after 10 years of storage


    Vasectomy is a widely used method of contraception. The absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate of azoospermic individuals increases the difficulty of extracting DNA for analysis, especially if the biological samples are in the form of spots and stored for years. The aim of this study is to evalu...

  6. Intra-urban biomonitoring: Source apportionment using tree barks to identify air pollution sources

    ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL, v.91, p.271-275, 2016

    It is of great interest to evaluate if there is a relationship between possible sources and trace elements using biomonitoring techniques. In this study, tree bark samples of 171 trees were collected using a biomonitoring technique in the inner city of Sao Paulo. The trace elements (Al, Ba, Ca, C...

  7. Prevalence of liver diseases as referred by people living in the Santos and So Vicente Estuary

    ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH, v.22, n.19, p.14579-14588, 2015

    The Santos and So Vicente Estuary has suffered extensively over the years from irregular industrial deposits. The present study aimed to evaluate liver disease prevalence and potential associated risk factors in four of the Estuary's areas (Piles and Agua-Fria, Cubato Center, Continental So Vicen...

  8. In vitro mucus transportability, cytogenotoxicity, and hematological changes as non-destructive physiological biomarkers in fish chronically exposed to metals


    The biomonitoring of fish using biomarkers represents a useful tool for the assessment of aquatic pollution. This study evaluated the sublethal toxic effects of aquatic pollution on fish collected from a site contaminated by metals. Water and fish (Oreochromis niloticus) samples were collected fr...