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Title: Hyaluronic acid and proliferation/cellular death amount in the female rats mammary gland after estroprogestative therapy
Authors: TORRES, Sueli M. P. S.NADER, Helena B.SIMOES, Ricardo S.BARACAT, Edmund C.SOARES-JR, Jose M.SIMOES, Manuel de J.GOMES, Regina C. T.
Citation: GYNECOLOGICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY, v.38, n.2, p.181-185, 2022
Abstract: Aims To evaluate the concentration of hyaluronan acid and proliferation/cellular death in mammary gland of ovariectomized female rat after estroprogestative therapy. Materials and methods Forty ovariectomized female rats were divided into four groups with 10 animals/each: OG (vehicle); EG: (Estradiol, 7 days of treatment), PG (Progesterone acetate, 23 days of treatment), and EPG: (Estradiol, 7 days of treatment, and next Progesterone acetate, 23 days of treatment). Twenty-four hours after the last treatment, all animals were euthanized, the mammary gland removed, then, a fragment was immersed in acetone to quantifying of the hyaluronan acid biochemical method (ELISA-Like fluorometric assay), and a fragment fixed for 24 h in 10% formaldehyde in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) processed for immunohistochemistry method for detection of the cell marker proliferation (Ki67) and cellular marker death by DNA fragmentation the TUNEL method. Results The estradiol-treatment alone (EG) or associated with progesterone (EPG) affected the concentration of hyaluronan acid, increased cell proliferation, and decreased cell death compared to OG and PG (p < .05) in the mammary tissue. Conclusions Our results suggest that the excessive reduction of HA in mammary tissue, as occurred with progesterone treatment, can lead to a breakdown of the extracellular matrix. These changes may be indicative of mammary pathology such as the development of tumor.
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