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Title: Siamese Convolutional Neural Network for Heartbeat Classification Using Limited 12-Lead ECG Datasets
Authors: VASCONCELLOS, Eduardo M. M.FERREIRA, Bruno GeorgevichLEANDRO, Jorge S.NETO, Baldoino F. S.CORDEIRO, Filipe RolimCESTARI, Idagene A.GUTIERREZ, Marco A.SOBRINHO, AlvaroCORDEIRO, Thiago D.
Citation: IEEE ACCESS, v.11, p.5365-5376, 2023
Abstract: The Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a low-cost exam commonly used to diagnose abnormalities in the cardiac cycle. Over the years, the scientific community has investigated the automatic classification of ECG signals driven by advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques. Despite recent scientific advances, annotating large and diverse datasets to support the training of ML techniques is still very time-consuming and error-prone. Indeed, ML techniques whose training does not require extensive and well-annotated datasets are becoming even more prominent. Therefore, it is possible to correctly identify and classify abnormalities in the cardiac cycle (e.g., rare cardiologic disturbs) using limited data available in ECG datasets. However, the classification of heartbeats from digital tracings of ECG signals containing 12 leads from imbalanced datasets is challenging due to many existing heart diseases. This study investigates the few-shot learning paradigm based on Siamese Convolutional Neural Networks (SCNN), popular in imaging classification problems, to classify 12-Lead ECG heartbeats using a few training samples with supervised information. The proposed SCNN model presented an accuracy of up to 95% in a public dataset based on the hold-out validation method, implemented for different combinations of similarity and loss functions. Besides, using the 7-fold cross-validation method, the model presented a mean area under the curve of 89%. We also compared the class-by-class classification results with those of similar methods available in the literature, obtaining the same or better results based on performance metrics such as accuracy, precision, recall, and specificity.
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