ODS/17 - Parcerias e meios de implementação

Objetivo: Reforçar os meios de implementação e revitalizar a parceria global para o desenvolvimento sustentável.


Recent Submissions

  1. The creation of the Global Scales for Early Development (GSED) for children aged 0-3 years: combining subject matter expert judgements with big data

    BMJ GLOBAL HEALTH, v.8, n.1, article ID e009827, 11p, 2023

    IntroductionWith the ratification of the Sustainable Development Goals, there is an increased emphasis on early childhood development (ECD) and well-being. The WHO led Global Scales for Early Development (GSED) project aims to provide population and programmatic level measures of ECD for 0-3 year...

  2. Global Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors, 1990-2019 Update From the GBD 2019 Study

    JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY, v.76, n.25, p.2982-3021, 2020

    Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), principally ischemic heart disease (IHD) and stroke, are the leading cause of global mortality and a major contributor to disability. This paper reviews the magnitude of total CVD burden, including 13 underlying causes of cardiovascular death and 9 related risk fac...

  3. A task-shared, collaborative care psychosocial intervention for improving depressive symptomatology among older adults in a socioeconomically deprived area of Brazil (PROACTIVE): a pragmatic, two-arm, parallel-group, cluster-randomised controlled trial

    LANCET HEALTHY LONGEVITY, v.3, n.10, p.E690-E702, 2022

    Background There is an urgent need to reduce the burden of depression among older adults in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs). We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of a task-shared, collaborative care psychosocial intervention for improving recovery from depression in older adults in Br...