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Title: Short Communication: HIV Type 1 Subtype BF Leads to Faster CD4(+) T Cell Loss Compared to Subtype B
Authors: TAROSSO, Leandro F.SANABANI, Sabri S.RIBEIRO, Susan P.SAUER, Mariana M.TOMIYAMA, Helena I.SUCUPIRA, Maria C.DIAZ, Ricardo S.SABINO, Ester C.KALIL, JorgeKALLAS, Esper G.
Citation: AIDS RESEARCH AND HUMAN RETROVIRUSES, v.30, n.2, p.190-194, 2014
Abstract: Although it has been suggested that biological differences among HIV-1 subtypes exist, their possible influence on disease progression has not been fully revealed. In particular, the increasing emergence of recombinants stresses the need to characterize disease presentation in persons infected by these diverse HIV-1 forms. We explored this issue among 83 Brazilian subjects infected with either HIV-1 subtype B or recombinant subtype BF, all followed since incident infection in a cohort study. Viral subtypes were assigned by full length sequencing of HIV-1 genomes. We observed that the baseline measures for CD4(+) T cells and viral load did not differ between the groups. However, longitudinal analysis revealed that subtype BF was clearly associated with a faster CD4(+) T cell decline compared to infection with subtype B, in spite of a similar plasma HIV-1 load. While subtype B-infected subjects presented a loss of 3.6 CD4(+) T cells/l per month, subtype BF-infected individuals showed a monthly decay of 6.3 CD4(+) T cells/l (p<0.01). The time to reach 350 CD4(+) T cells/l and the time to start antiretroviral treatment were also shorter in subtype BF-infected persons. The elucidation of an accelerated CD4(+) T cell loss associated with subtype BF suggests that this HIV-1 genetic form could be more pathogenic than subtype B.
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