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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Efficacy of the UroVysion kit for the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusionANTONANGELO, L.; DUTRA, A. R. N.; NETO, E. Terreri; MORENA, L. C.; CAPELOZZI, V. L.; TERRA, R. M.; ROSOLEN, D. C. B.
2016Blood sample-based New Generation Sequencing detects circulating free MicroRNA from chronic thromboembolism pulmonary hypertension (liquid biopsy)FABRO, A. T.; CNTVINEL, H. R.; LEAO, P. d. Santos; SANTOS, A. L. dos; MACHADO, J. R.; BUENO, C.; OLIVEIRA, R. A.; RAINHO, C. A.; YOO, H. H. Bok; CAPELOZZI, V. L.
2016Mesenchymal stem cells- and conditioned medium reduce fibrosis in pulmonary parenchyma but promote increased artery adventitia remodeling in bleomycin-injured miceFABRO, A. T.; FELIX, R.; MACHADO, J. R.; LEAO, P. d. Santos; SANTOS, A. L. dos; BUENO, C.; DEFFUNE, E.; VELOSA, A. P. Pereira; TEODORO, W. R.; CAPELOZZI, V. L.
2016Adventitial remodeling of experimental pulmonary hypertension induces myofibroblast-produced collagen V in a Th17-pathways-related mannerFABRO, A. T.; SANTOS, A. L. dos; LEAO, P. d. Santos; CRUNIVEL, H. R.; MACHADO, J. R.; OLIVEIRA, R. A.; RAINHO, C. A.; VELOSA, A. P. Pereira; TEODORO, W. R.; CAPELOZZI, V.
2016Mutation profile and protein expression for predictive testing in lung adenocarcinoma: A study of 200 patients from BrazilMACHADO, J. R.; FABRO, A. T.; ASCHERI, D.; LEAO, P. d. Santos; SANTOS, A. L. dos; SA, V. K. de; RAINHO, C. A.; CUENTAS, E. R. Para; TAKAGAKI, T.; CAPELOZZI, V. L.
2014Experimental pulmonary fibrosis is modulated by increased expression of collagen V, endothelin-1 and TGF-bMARTINS, V.; ANTUNES, M.; LOPES, D. Bernardo; FABRO, A. Todorovic; PARRA, E. Roger; CAPELOZZI, V.
2018Pathophysiological features of lung and skin in human SSc and collagen V/C57LB6 mouse modelTEODORO, W. Paganelli Rosolia; VELOSA, A. P. Pereira; QUEIROZ, Z. A. de Jesus; SANTOS, L. Araujo dos; CATANOZI, S.; SANTOS FILHO, A. dos; BUENO, C.; VENDRAMINI, M. Borges Galhardo; FERNEZLIAN, S. de Moraes; EHER, E. Miristene; LOPES, F. Degobbi T. Q. S.; CAPELOZZI, V. L.
201825 kgy radio-sterilised human skin graft shows effective skin regeneration in nude miceMIRANDA, J. Tomaz De; BRINGEL, F. De Andrade; PROTOCEVICH, V.; VELOSA, A. P. Pereira; CAPELOZZI, V.; MATHOR, M. B.; TEODORO, W. R.
2018Performance of the UroVysion (R) FISH assay for the diagnosis of malignant effusions using two cutoff strategiesANTONANGELO, L.; FARIA, D. Kanaan; FARIA, C.; ROSOLEN, D. Cristina Batista
2018Evaluation of a biomarker panel for the diagnosis of cavity effusionsANTONANGELO, L.; FARIA, C. Silverio; ASCENCIO, M. M. P.; ROSOLEN, D. Cristina Batista; DOI, D.; FARIA, D. Kanaan