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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Marcos Mercadante (1960-2011) and his legacy to Brazilian psychiatryMIGUEL, Euripedes Constantino
2017Specific and social fears in children and adolescents: separating normative fears from problem indicators and phobiasLAPORTE, Paola P.; PAN, Pedro M.; HOFFMANN, Mauricio S.; WAKSCHLAG, Lauren S.; ROHDE, Luis A.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.; PINE, Daniel S.; MANFRO, Gisele G.; SALUM, Giovanni A.
2019The International Consortium Investigating Neurocognition in Bipolar Disorder (ICONIC-BD)BURDICK, Katherine E.; MILLETT, Caitlin E.; BONNIN, Caterina del Mar; BOWIE, Christopher R.; CARVALHO, Andre F.; EYLER, Lisa T.; GALLAGHER, Peter; HARVEY, Philip D.; KESSING, Lars V.; LAFER, Beny; LANGENECKER, Scott A.; LEWANDOWSKI, Kathryn E.; LOPEZ-JARAMILLO, Carlos; MARSHALL, David F.; MARTINEZ-ARAN, Anabel; MCINNIS, Melvin G.; MCINTYRE, Roger S.; MISKOWIAK, Kamilla W.; PORTER, Richard J.; PURDON, Scot E.; RYAN, Kelly A.; SUMIYOSHI, Tomiki; TORRES, Ivan J.; RHEENEN, Tamsyn E. Van; VIETA, Eduard; WOODWARD, Neil D.; YATHAM, Lakshmi N.; YOUNG, Allan
2017Commentary: Functional connectome fingerprint: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivityBIAZOLI JR., Claudinei E.; SALUM, Giovanni A.; PAN, Pedro M.; ZUGMAN, Andre; AMARO JR., Edson; ROHDE, Luis A.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.; JACKOWSKI, Andrea P.; BRESSAN, Rodrigo A.; SATO, Joao R.
2016Childhood Mental Illness and Adult Homelessness: Social Policy and Long-Term Community-Based Psychiatric CareROSENHECK, Robert A.; SCIVOLETTO, Sandra
2017Combining epidemiological and neurobiological perspectives to characterize the lifetime trajectories of ADHDSHAW, Philip; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2013Advances and perspectives in child and adolescent psychiatryKIELING, Christian; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2016Development of national capabilities in low and middle income countries for research in child mental healthPOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2014How Evidence on the Developmental Nature of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Can Increase the Validity and Utility of Diagnostic CriteriaPOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.; MOFFITT, Terrie E.
2015Addressing the Evidence Gap on Preventive InterventionsPOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.