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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Commentary: Functional connectome fingerprint: identifying individuals using patterns of brain connectivityBIAZOLI JR., Claudinei E.; SALUM, Giovanni A.; PAN, Pedro M.; ZUGMAN, Andre; AMARO JR., Edson; ROHDE, Luis A.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.; JACKOWSKI, Andrea P.; BRESSAN, Rodrigo A.; SATO, Joao R.
2015The association of post-stroke anhedonia with salivary cortisol levels and stroke lesion in hippocampal/parahippocampal regionTERRONI, Luisa; AMARO JR., Edson; IOSIFESCU, Dan V.; MATTOS, Patricia; YAMAMOTO, Fabio I.; TINONE, Gisela; CONFORTO, Adriana B.; SOBREIRO, Matildes F. M.; GUAJARDO, Valeri D.; LUCIA, Mara Cristina S. De; MOREIRA, Ayrton C.; SCAFF, Milberto; LEITE, Claudia C.; FRAGUAS, Renerio
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