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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Should suicidal thoughts be addressed in obsessive-compulsive disorder patients?TORRES, Albina R.; MIGUEL, Euripedes C.
2011Monozygotic Twins Discordant for Being Bullied: A Step Closer to Understanding the Biology of VictimizationPOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2012Advancing neuroscience applications to psychiatric and neurological disorders: more than ever, an interdisciplinary taskBUSATTO FILHO, Geraldo; BRITTO, Luiz Roberto Giorgetti de; LEITE, Joao Pereira
2013The burden of childhood mental disordersPOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2018Chronic mood instability: Bipolar, borderline, or both?BERALDI, Gabriel H.; ALMEIDA, Karla M.; LAFER, Beny
2018Building the Evidence to Treat Preschoolers With ADHD in Real-Life SettingsPOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2012Editors’ NoteHOEXTER, Marcelo Q.; FONTENELLE, Leonardo F.; MORIYAMA, Tais; QUEVEDO, Joao; CHAGAS, Marcos Hortes Nisihara; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.; CRIPPA, Jose Alexandre S.
2012Child psychiatry and the developmental perspectivePOLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2012RBP Psychiatry: the crowning of an editorial policyFLECK, Marcelo P.; SALUM, Giovanni Abrahao; QUEVEDO, Joao; KIELING, Christian; HOEXTER, Marcelo Q.; MORIYAMA, Tais; CHAGAS, Marcos Hortes Nisihara; FONTENELLE, Leonardo F.; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.; CRIPPA, Jose Alexandre S.
2012On Museums and Scientific JournalsCRIPPA, Jose Alexandre S.; CHAGAS, Marcos Hortes Nisihara; QUEVEDO, Joao; HOEXTER, Marcelo Q.; MORIYAMA, Tais; SALUM, Giovanni Abrahao; FONTENELLE, Leonardo F.; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.; FLECK, Marcelo P.