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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Longitudinal MRI-Study of the Effects of Lithium on Cortical Thickness and Brain Volume and its Association With Clinical Response in Bipolar DisorderCOSTA, Sabrina Correa da; ZANETTI, Marcus V.; SOUZA, Rafael T.; OTADUY, Maria C.; LEITE, Claudia C.; BUSATTO, Geraldo F.; QUEVEDO, Joao L.; GATTAZ, Wagner F.; SOARES, Jair C.; MACHADO-VIEIRA, Rodrigo
2018Unveiling anterior cingulate neurometabolic profile underlying euthymia in bipolar i disorder: A 1 h-MRS studySOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M.; NERY, F.; MACHADO-VIERA, R.; MORENO, D.; MORENO, R.; OTADUY, M.; LEITE, C.; LAFER, B.
2017Synaptic plasticity underlying therapeutics in mood disorders: new findings supporting a key role for lithiumMACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; OTADUY, M.; ZANETTI, M.; SOUSA, D.; DIAS, V.; LEITE, C.; FORLENZA, O.; BUSATTO, G.; SOARES, J.; GATTAZ, W.
2017Brain glutamate cycle metabolites and medication interference in BD I Patients: H1-MRS StudiesSOEIRO-DE-SOUZA, M.; HENNING, A.; MACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; MORENO, R. A.; PASTORELLO, B. F.; LEITE, C.; VALLADA, H.; OTADUY, M. C.
2012A Longitudinal Study on the Neurobiological Basis of Antidepressant Efficacy in Bipolar II DisorderMACHADO-VIEIRA, Rodrigo; ZANETTI, Marcus V.; OTADUY, Maria C.; SOUSA, Rafael T. De; LEITE, Claudia C.; BUSATTO, Geraldo F.; GATTAZ, Wagner F.
2012Cognition function after Drowning: a functional MRI studyNUCCI-DA-SILVA, Mariana; LUKASOVA, Katerina; SATO, Joao; AMARO JR., Edson
2013Increased Lactate Levels During Depressive Episodes and Reversal Effects by Lithium Monotherapy in Subjects with Bipolar DisorderMACHADO-VIEIRA, Rodrigo; ZANETTI, Marcus V.; OTADUY, Maria C. G.; SOUSA, Rafael T. de; COSTA, Alana C.; CHAIM, Tiffany M.; LEITE, Claudia C.; BUSATTO, Geraldo F.; GATTAZ, Wagner F.
2012Third Ventricle Enlargement in Bipolar Children and Unaffected Bipolar OffspringCAETANO, Sheila C.; KLEINMAN, Ana; TEIXEIRA, Ana Maria; DURAN, Fabio; OTADUY, Maria C. G.; LEITE, Claudia; STANLEY, Jeffrey A.; SOARES, Jair C.; BUSATTO, Geraldo F.; LAFER, Beny
2013Muscle NMR imaging in the rare E650K mutation in the DNM2 gene in a centronuclear myopathy patientVAINZOF, M.; CALYJUR, P.; OTADUY, M. C. G.; ALMEIDA, C. F.; MARTINS-BACH, A.; CARLIER, R. Y.; GURGEL-GIANNETTI, J.; AMARO, E.; CARLIER, P. G.
2019Antidepressant Effects of TDCS are Associated With Prefrontal Grey Matter Volumes at Baseline: Evidence From the ELECT-tDCS TrialBULUBAS, Lucia; PADBERG, Frank; BUENO, Priscila V.; DURAN, Fabio; BUSATTO, Geraldo; AMARO JR., Edson; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; GOERIGK, Stephan; GATTAZ, Wagner; KEESER, Daniel; BRUNONI, Andre R.