Comunicações em Eventos - FM/Outros

A coleção de Comunicações em Eventos compreende trabalhos completos ou resumos de conferências, comunicações orais ou pôsteres, apresentados em congressos, seminários, jornadas, simpósios ou outros tipos de eventos de caráter técnico-científico ou artístico-cultural, publicados em anais impressos ou em meios eletrônicos.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 223
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Kleptomania as a neglected disorder in psychiatryTORALES, J.; VENTRIGLIO, A.; GONZALEZ, I.; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, J.
2020Inequalities in overall survival of oropharynx, oral cavity, and larynx cancers in BrazilMENEZES, F. S.; OLIVEIRA, A. M. B. de; TOPORCOV, T. N.
2021Titration of Mechanical Ventilation in Supine Compared to Prone Position Reveals Different Respiratory Mechanics Behavior in Covid19 PatientsMORAIS, C. A.; ALCALA, G. C.; SANTIAGO, R. R.; WANDERLEY, H.; DELGADO, E. Diaz; FENZA, R. Di; FAKHR, B. Safaee; GIANNI, S.; KACMAREK, R.; BERRA, L.
2021Follow-Up Cultures in Ventilator-Associated PneumoniaCECCATO, A.; DOMINEDO, C.; MONREAL, M. Ferrer; IGNACIO, M.; BARBETA, E. R.; ALBERT, G.; CILLONIZ, C.; RANZANI, O. T.; PASCALE, G. De; STEFANO, N., et al
2020Frailty Modifies the Association of Blood Pressure with Cognition in Older AdultsALIBERTI, M.; SZLEJF, C.; SUEMOTO, C.
2020Mediterranean diet, sociodemographic factors and ultra-processed food consumption in PortugalMORAES, M. M.; OLIVEIRA, B.; AFONSO, C.; SANTOS, C.; MIRANDA, R. C.; RAUBER, F.; LEVY, R. B.; RODRIGUES, S.
2020Intra-aortic balloon pump as a bridge therapy to heart transplant in refractory heart failureBOROS, G. A. B.; BELLINI, V. S. C.; FATORI, D.; BERNOCHE, C.; MACATRAO-COSTA, M. F.; LOPES, L. N. G. D.; BACAL, F.; HUEB, W.; KOPEL, L.; LAGE, S. G.
2020Influence of ultra-processed foods on prevalence of inadequacy in Portuguese adults and elderlyMIRANDA, R. Costa de; RAUBER, F.; MORAES, M.; RODRIGUES, S.; LEVY, R. Bertazzi
2021COVID-19 is not over and age is not enough: using frailty for prognostication in hospitalized patientsALIBERTI, M.; AVELINO-SILVA, T. J.
2020Consumption of ultra-processed foods on free sugar intake of Portuguese infants: The Upper ProjectMIRANDA, R. Costa de; RAUBER, F.; MORAES, M.; TORRES, D.; LOPES, C.; RODRIGUES, S.; LEVY, R. Bertazzi
2020Syphilis: A Cohort Study on prevalence, among recently HIV diagnosed in Sao Paulo, BrazilGOMES, J. O.; TEIXEIRA, S. S. S.; MUELLER, P. R.; LUIZ, O. C.; NOGUEIRA, R. S.
2020Reports of incidental findings in a cohort of 500 exomes of Brazilian patients were common and show potential impact in life-expectancyQUAIO, C. R. D. C.; MOREIRA, C. M.; SACRAMENTO-BOBOTIS, P. R.; NOVO-FILHO, G. M.; PENNA, M. G.; SOUSA, R. R. F.; TRINDADE, A. C. G.; FURUZAWA, C. R.; PEREIRA, D. P.; OLIVATI, C., et al
2020Not chronic exercise but acute exercise is related with increased cell survival, enhanced cell proliferation and decreased cell apoptosisPOSTULA, M.; WICIK, Z.; EYILETEN, C.; SOPLINSKA, A.; CZAJKA, P.; NOWAK, A.; JAROSZ-POPEK, J.; MALEK, L.
2021Willingness to use HIV self-tests among female sex workers from diverse sex work contexts: A qualitative study in SaoFERRAZ, D.; MURRAY, L.; SORRENTINO, I.; ZUCCHI, E. Miura; GRANGEIRO, A.
2020The food environment in school's vicinities of Sao Paulo, BrazilBARATA, M. F.; LEITE, M. A.; LEVY, R. B.
2020Mechanisms of exertional dyspnea in unilateral diaphragmatic dysfunctionGOJEVIC, Tin; PEREIRA, Mayra Caleffi; DACHA, Sauwaluk; LOUVARIS, Zafeiris; TESTELMANS, Dries; GAYAN-RAMIREZ, Ghislaine; GOSSELINK, Rik; LANGER, Daniel
2021CheckMate 9KD Arm B final analysis: Efficacy and safety of nivolumab plus docetaxel for chemotherapy-naive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.FIZAZI, Karim; MELLA, Pablo Gonzalez; CASTELLANO, Daniel; MINATTA, Jose Nicolas; REZAZADEH, Arash; SHAFFER, David R.; LIMON, Juan Carlos Vazquez; LOPEZ, Hector Manuel Sanchez; ARMSTRONG, Andrew J.; HORVATH, Lisa, et al
2020Empagliflozin Reduces Arrhythmic Events and Improves Ca2+ Transient in Hypoxia-induced Injury Rat CardiomyocytesSANTOS, Danubia dos; TURACA, Lauro; COUTINHO, Keyla da Silva; BRUNSWICK, Tais Kasai; CARVALHO, Antonio Campos de; GIRARDI, Adriana
2020Prevalence of patients with indication of genetic evaluation for hereditary breast and ovarian syndrome in the Brazilian cohort study - AMAZONA IIISOUZA, Alessandra BorbaAnton de; ROSA, Daniela; FRASSON, Antonio Luiz; ZERWES, Felipe Pereira; ROSSATO, Nathalia Cunha; ASTHON-PROLLA, Patricia; SIMON, Sergio; BINES, Jose; BARRIOS, Carlos; MORELLE, Alessandra, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 223