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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Physiotherapy intervention is safety in early postoperative patients after cardiac surgery?TAKEI, Mauro; NOZAWA, Emilia; SOUSA, Mayson Laercio; MELO, Cyalme; GALAS, Filomena; HAJJAR, Ludmila; FELTRIM, Maria Ignes
2013Use of non-invasive continuous hemodynamic monitoring in decompensated heart failureLIMA, M. Villaca; OCHIAI, M. E.; CARDOSO, J. N.; VIEIRA, K. R.; CARDOSO, M. N.; BRANCALHAO, E. C. O.; BARRETTO, A. C. P.
2012The impact of the rapid use of beta-blockers on ventricular remodeling and mortality in end-stage heart failure (the FAST study)MELO, Domingos B.; BARRETTO, Antonio P.; OCHIAI, Marcelo; CARDOSO, Juliano; OLIVEIRA, Aristea; MELO, Fernando; MORGADO, Paulo; UCHIDA, Augusto; RAMIRES, Jose F.
2012The role of B-type netriuretic prptide (BNP) as a prognostic factor for endocarditis en the emergency roomSICILIANO, R. F.; STRABELLI, T. M. V.; GUALANDRO, D. M.; SEGURO, L. F. B. C.; GOLDSTEIN, P.; ARIAS, V.; MANSUR, A. J.; ACCORSI, T. A. D.; GRINBERG, M.; OLIVEIRA, M. T.
2018Safety of Respiratory Physiotherapy in Mechanically Ventilated Patients After Cardiac SurgerySOUSA, M. L.; MELO, C. C.; TAKEI, M. T.; COIMBRA, V. R.; GALAS, F. R.; HAJJAR, L. A.; FELTRIM, M. I.; NOZAWA, E.
2012Short-Term Add-On Therapy With Angiotensin Receptor Blocker for End-Stage Inotrope-Dependent Heart Failure Patients: B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Reduction in a Randomized Clinical TrialOCHIAI, Marcelo E.; BRANCALHAO, Euler O.; PUIG, Raphael S.; VIERA, Kelly N.; LIMA, Marcelo V.; CARDOSO, Juliano N.; BARRETTO, Antonio P.
2012Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Measurements for Acute Decompensated Heart FailureOCHIAI, Marcelo E.; LIMA, Marcelo V.; BRANCALHAO, Euler O.; PUIG, Raphael S.; VIERA, Kelly N.; CARDOSO, Juliano N.; BARRETTO, Antonio R.
2015Hospitalized older adults with palliative care recommendation: who are they?ARCANJO, S. P.; SAPORETTI, L. A.; CURIATI, J. A.; AVELINO-SILVA, T. J.
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