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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An alternative to treat palmar hyperhidrosis: use of oxybutyninWOLOSKER, Nelson; CAMPOS, Jose R. de; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; NEVES, Samantha; YAZBEK, Guilherme; JATENE, Fabio B.; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro
2021Evaluation of compensatory hyperhidrosis after sympathectomy: The use of an objective methodYAZBEK, Guilherme; ISHY, Augusto; SILVA, Marcelo Fiorelli Alexandrino da; LOUZADA, Andressa Cristina Sposato; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Milanez de; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; TEDDE, Miguel Lia; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo Manuel; WOLOSKER, Nelson
2012Evaluation of quality of life over time among 453 patients with hyperhidrosis submitted to endoscopic thoracic sympathectomyWOLOSKER, Nelson; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Milanes de; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; OLIVEIRA, Laert Andrade de; MUNIA, Marco Antonio Soares; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli
2014Morphometric Analysis of Thoracic Ganglion Neurons in Subjects with and without Primary Palmar HyperhidrosisOLIVEIRA, Flavio Roberto Garbelini de; MOURA JR., Nabor B.; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas M. de; WOLOSKER, Nelson; PARRA, Edwin R.; CAPELOZZI, Vera L.; PEGO-FERNANDES, Paulo
2019Number of Preoperative Hyperhidrosis Sites Does Not Affect the Sympathectomy Postoperative Results and Compensatory Hyperhidrosis OccurrenceWOLOSKER, Nelson; LEIDERMAN, Dafne Braga Diamante; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Millanez de; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; TEDDE, Miguel Lia; YAZBEK, Guilherme; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro
2013Objective evaluation of plantar hyperhidrosis after sympathectomyWOLOSKER, Nelson; ISHY, Augusto; YAZBEK, Guilherme; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Milanez de; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli