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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A simplified experimental model of large-for-size liver transplantation in pigsLEAL, Antonio Jose Goncalves; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; BELON, Alessandro Rodrigo; GUIMARAES, Raimundo Renato Nunes; COELHO, Maria Cecilia Mendonca; GONCALVES, Josiane de Oliveira; SOKOL, Suellen Serafini; MELO, Evandro Sobroza De; OTOCH, Jose Pinhata; TANNURI, Uenis
2012Effects of the administration of pentoxifylline and prednisolone on the evolution of portal fibrogenesis secondary to biliary obstruction in growing animals: immunohistochemical analysis of the expression of TGF-BETA; and VEGFANDRADE, Wagner de Castro; SILVA, Luiz Fernando Ferraz da; COELHO, Maria Cecilia de Mendonca; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; ALVES, Venancio Avancini Ferreira; TANNURI, Uenis
2020Choledochal cysts in children: How to Diagnose and Operate onTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; HARA, Lucas Arjona de Andrade; PAGANOTI, Guilherme de Freitas; ANDRADE, Wagner de Castro; TANNURI, Uenis
2013Conjoined twins - twenty years' experience at a reference center in BrazilTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; BATATINHA, Julio Americo Pereira; VELHOTE, Manoel Carlos Prieto; TANNURI, Uenis
2018Are there differences in the growth adaptation processes of growing and mature organism models of short bowel syndrome?TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; ROTONDO, Italo Geraldo; BARROS, Guilherme Garcia; VAISBERG, Victor Van; MENDES-NETO, Cicero; PAES, Vitor Ribeiro; COELHO, Maria Cecilia Mendonca; GONCALVES, Josiane; SERAFINI, Suellen; TANNURI, Uenis
2014Postoperative care in pediatric liver transplantationTANNURI, Uenis; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun
2017Language assessment of children with severe liver disease in a public service in BrazilDE-PAULA, EricaMacedo; PORTA, Gilda; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; TANNURI, Uenis; BEFI-LOPES, Debora Maria
2018Current management of biliary atresia based on 35 years of experience at a single centerANDRADE, Wagner de Castro; SILVA, Marcos Marques; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; SANTOS, Maria Merces; GIBELLI, Nelson Elias Mendes; TANNURI, Uenis
2015New concepts and outcomes for children with hepatoblastoma based on the experience of a tertiary center over the last 21 yearsTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; CRISTOFANI, Lilian Maria; TEIXEIRA, Roberto Augusto Plaza; ODONE FILHO, Vicente; TANNURI, Uenis
2016Prognostic factors for the evolution and reversibility of chronic rejection in pediatric liver transplantationTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; LIMA, Fabiana; MELLO, Evandro Sobroza de; TANIGAWA, Ryan Yukimatsu; TANNURI, Uenis