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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Exercise prescription using the heart of claudication pain onset in patients with intermittent claudicationCUCATO, Gabriel Grizzo; CHEHUEN, Marcel da Rocha; COSTA, Luis Augusto Riani; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael Mendes; WOLOSKER, Nelson; SAXTON, John Michael; FORJAZ, Claudia Lucia de Moraes
2013Low-intensity resistance exercise does not affect cardiac autonomic modulation in patients with peripheral artery diseaseLIMA, Aluisio H. R. Andrade; FARAH, Breno Quintella; RODRIGUES, Lausanne B. C. C.; MIRANDA, Alessandra S.; RODRIGUES, Sergio L. C.; CORREIA, Marilia de A.; SOBRAL FILHO, Dario C.; FORJAZ, Claudia L. M.; PRADO, Wagner Luiz; WOLOSKER, Nelson; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael M.
2013Objective evaluation of plantar hyperhidrosis after sympathectomyWOLOSKER, Nelson; ISHY, Augusto; YAZBEK, Guilherme; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Milanez de; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro; JATENE, Fabio Biscegli
2013Remote ischemic preconditioning in patients with intermittent claudicationSAES, Glauco Fernandes; ZERATI, Antonio Eduardo; WOLOSKER, Nelson; RAGAZZO, Luciana; ROSOKY, Ruben Miguel Ayzin; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael Mendes; CUCATO, Gabriel Grizzo; CHEHUEN, Marcelo; FARAH, Breno Quintella; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro
2013Predictors of walking capacity in peripheral arterial disease patientsFARAH, Breno Quintella; BARBOSA, Joao Paulo dos Anjos Souza; CUCATO, Gabriel Grizzo; CHEHUEN, Marcel da Rocha; GOBBO, Luis Alberto; WOLOSKER, Nelson; FORJAZ, Claudia Lucia de Moraes; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael Mendes
2011Post-resistance exercise hypotension in patients with intermittent claudicationCUCATO, Gabriel Grizzo; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael Mendes; WOLOSKER, Nelson; SANTAREM, Jose Maria; JACOB FILHO, Wilson; FORJAZ, Claudia Lucia de Moraes
2011Endovascular treatment for iliac artery pseudoaneurysm with arteriovenous fistula after abdominal aortic aneurysm open repairFUKUSHIMA, Rodrigo Bono; WOLOSKER, Nelson; BENITTI, Daniel Augusto; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro
2014Treatment of uncommon sites of focal primary hyperhidrosis: experience with pharmacological therapy using oxybutyninTEIVELIS, Marcelo Passos; WOLOSKER, Nelson; KRUTMAN, Mariana; KAUFFMAN, Paulo; CAMPOS, Jose Ribas Milanez de; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro
2015Carbon dioxide contrast medium for endovascular treatment of ilio-femoral occlusive diseaseMENDES, Cynthia de Almeida; MARTINS, Alexandre de Arruda; TEIVELIS, Marcelo Passos; KUZNIEC, Sergio; VARELLA, Andrea Yasbek Monteiro; FIORANELLI, Alexandre; WOLOSKER, Nelson
2021Endovascular correction of isolated descending thoracic aortic disease: a descriptive analysis of 1,344 procedures over 10 years in the public health system of Sao PauloPORTUGAL, Maria Fernanda Cassino; TEIVELIS, Marcelo Passos; SILVA, Marcelo Fiorelli Alexandrino da; STABELLINI, Nickolas; FIORANELLI, Alexandre; SZLEJF, Claudia; AMARO JUNIOR, Edson; WOLOSKER, Nelson