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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015New concepts and outcomes for children with hepatoblastoma based on the experience of a tertiary center over the last 21 yearsTANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; CRISTOFANI, Lilian Maria; TEIXEIRA, Roberto Augusto Plaza; ODONE FILHO, Vicente; TANNURI, Uenis
2015Developing a new endograft for the treatment of juxtarenal aortic aneurysms: definition and experimentationBELCZAK, Sergio Q.; LANZAIOTTI, Luiz; BOTELHO, Yuri; AUN, Ricardo; DA SILVA, Erasmo S.; PUECH-LEÃO, Pedro; LUCCIA, Nelson de
2015Can contrast-enhanced ultrasound with second-generation contrast agents replace computed tomography angiography for distinguishing between occlusion and pseudo-occlusion of the internal carotid artery?VENTURA, Carlos Augusto Pinto; SILVA, Erasmo Simao da; CERRI, Giovanni Guido; LEAO, Pedro Puech; TACHIBANA, Adriano; CHAMMAS, Maria Cristina
2015Effect of hypertonic saline treatment on the inflammatory response after hydrochloric acid-induced lung injury in pigsHOLMS, Carla Augusto; OTSUKI, Denise Aya; KAHVEGIAN, Marcia; MASSOCO, Cristina Oliveira; FANTONI, Denise Tabacchi; GUTIERREZ, Paulo Sampaio; AULER JUNIOR, Jose Otavio Costa
2015Pulse pressure variation and stroke volume variation under different inhaled concentrations of isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane in pigs undergoing hemorrhageOSHIRO, Alexandre Hideaki; OTSUKI, Denise Aya; HAMAJI, Marcelo Waldir M.; ROSA, Kaleizu T.; IDA, Keila Kazue; FANTONI, Denise T.; AULER JR., Jose Otavio Costa
2015Evaluation of the effects of ischemic preconditioning on the hematological parameters of rats subjected to intestinal ischemia and reperfusionTAHIR, Muhammad; ARSHID, Samina; HEIMBECKER, Ana Maria C.; CASTRO, Mariana S.; MONTERO, Edna Frasson de Souza; FONTES, Belchor; FONTES, Wagner
2015Effects of ischemic preconditioning in a pig model of large-for-size liver transplantationLEAL, Antonio Jose Goncalves; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; BELON, Alessandro Rodrigo; GUIMARAES, Raimundo Renato Nunes; COELHO, Maria Cecilia Mendonca; GONCALVES, Josiane de Oliveira; SERAFINI, Suellen; MELO, Evandro Sobroza de; TANNURI, Uenis
2015Evaluation of oral-motor movements and facial mimic in patients with head and neck burns by a public service in BrazilMAGNANI, Dicarla Motta; SASSI, Fernanda Chiarion; VANA, Luiz Philipe Molina; ALONSO, Nivaldo; ANDRADE, Claudia Regina Furquim de
2015Immediate expression of c-fos and c-jun mRNA in a model of intestinal autotransplantation and ischemia-reperfusion in situSANTOS, Maria Mercês; TANNURI, Ana Cristina Aoun; COELHO, Maria Cecilia Mendonça; GONÇALVES, Josiane de Oliveira; SERAFINI, Suellen; SILVA, Luiz Fernando Ferraz da; TANNURI, Uenis
2015Medical education at the University of Sao Paulo Medical SchoolVIEIRA, Joaquim Edson; SILVA, Luiz Fernando Ferraz da; BARACAT, Edmund Chada