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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An International Medical Education Network for Physicians Treating Cervical Dystonia and SpasticityBHATIA, Kailash; COLOSIMO, Carlo; BHIDAYASIRI, Roongroj; CHUNG, Tae Mo; JACINTO, Luis Jorge; LANDREAU, Therese; FHEODOROFF, Klemens
2018Drivers of change in Toronto Western Spasmodic Rating Scale (TWSTRS) scores following botulinum toxin treatment: Impact of geographical regionCOLOSIMO, Carlo; MISRA, Vijay Peter; CHARLES, David; CHUNG, Tae Mo; MAISONOBE, Pascal; OM, Savary
2018Which factors predict patient satisfaction with botulinum toxin treatment for cervical dystonia in routine practice?CHUNG, Tae Mo; COLOSIMO, Carlo; MISRA, Vijay Peter; CHARLES, David; MAISONOBE, Pascal; OM, Savary
2019Cervical dystonia patient's satisfaction level after 3 years of botulinum toxin treatmentMISRA, Vijay Peter; CHARLES, David; CHUNG, Tae Mo; COLOSIMO, Carlo; OM, Savary; MAISONOBE, Pascal
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