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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Love, sexuality and communication in hemophilia: A psychosocial and patient perspective book developed for adolescents, adults, and carriersCASSIS, Frederica R. M. Y.; FUCHS, Irene G.; KUEBLER, Edward
2014Fathers' and Mothers' Perceptions and Communication on Carrier Status and Diagnosis of Congenital Haemophilia: Global Results from the Haemophilia Experiences, Results and Opportunities (HERO) StudyCASSIS, Frederica R. M. Y.; GEULCHER, Christine; GREGORY, Matt; IORIO, Alfonso
2014What will I be when I grow up?CASSIS, Frederica R. M. Y.
2014Collagen V overexpression correlates with IL-17+cells in C57BL/6 mice pulmonary remodelingANDRADE, Priscila Cristina; VELOSA, Ana Paula Pereira; SANTOS FILHO, Antonio dos; MORAIS, Sandra de; EHER, Esmeralda Miristeni; CATANOZI, Sergio; CAPELOZZI, Vera Luisa; TEODORO, Walcy Rosolia
2014IL-17+cells immunoexpression in systemic sclerosis pulmonary fibrosisVELOSA, Ana Paula Pereira; PAIVA, Michelle Abdo; ANDRADE, Priscila Cristina; CHRISTMANN, Romy Beatriz; EHER, Esmeralda Miristeni; FERNEZLIAN, Sandra Morais; PARRA, Edwin Roger; TEODORO, Walcy Rosolia; CAPELOZZI, Vera Luiza
2014Type V collagen induced pulmonary fibrosis in C57B1/6miceTEODORO, Walcy Rosolia; VELOSA, Ana Paula Pereira; SANTOS FILHO, Antonio dos; ANDRADE, Priscila Cristina; MARTINS, Vanessa; FERNEZLIAN, Sandra Morais; CATANOZI, Sergio; CAPELOZZI, Vera Luisa
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